Kyle Bertoni was paying bills on Bank of America’s website, and watched $6300 disappear from his savings account. WBZ-TV's Cheryl Fiandaca reports.

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I-Team Helps Wakefield Dad Recover Thousands After Savings Account HackedKyle Bertoni was paying bills on Bank of America’s website, and watched $6300 disappear from his savings account. WBZ-TV's Cheryl Fiandaca reports.
Future Of Food Could Include 'Meat' & 'Seafood' Made From BugsThe food of the future includes creative sculpting, and plant and insect-based food substitutes. WBZ-TV's Paula Ebben reports.
Best Of 2019: The Robot Heroes Of Disaster ResponseWBZ-TV's Liam Martin reports.
Locally Developed App Best Rides Aims To Make Ridesharing Cheaper And SaferWBZ TV's Breana Pitts reports.
It Happens Here: iRobot's STEM Program In BedfordWBZ TV's Kate Merrill reports.
Google's Parent Company Buying Fitbit In $2.1 Billion DealGoogle has announced plans to acquire Fitbit.
Apple Warns iPhone Users To Update SystemThe update is needed to ensure internet access.
Girl Scouts Hope To Close Gender Gap In STEM CareersBreana Pitts spoke to Caitriona Taylor of the Girl Scouts, who are looking to increase the number of women in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math.
Social Media Expert Says Parents Should Be Talking To Their Kids About Cell Phone UseA new criminal case is bringing heightened awareness to how much young people communicate with their phones. WBZ-TV's Mike LaCrosse reports.
Scientists Attempt To Identify 'Microplastics' In Boston Harbor With New TechnologyScientists are experimenting in Boston Harbor to see if they can detect microplastics in the water. WBZ-TV's Anaridis Rodriguez reports.
Boston Next: Robotic Heroes Of Disaster ResponseFLIR, a robotics company based in Chelmsford, has developed robots that give soldiers and law enforcement eyes, ears and hazardous material sensors where they can't go. WBZ-TV's Liam Martin reports.
Instagram Releases New 'Restrict' Feature To Help Fight BullyingInstagram's new Restrict features allows you to set limits on other user's comments. The tool is aimed at fighting social media bullying. Katie Johnston reports.
Mark Zuckerberg: Elizabeth Warren’s Pledge To Break Up Facebook Would ‘Suck For Us’Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that an Elizabeth Warren presidency would be bad for his business, according to leaked audio from a company meeting. He told employees that a legal battle resulting from her pledge to break up the big technology companies would “suck for us.” Katie Johnston reports.
Microsoft Windows Security Flaw Can Expose Users To HackersThere is a fix to the flaw.
Auto Shop Uses Technology To Take Customers Under The HoodWBZ-TV's Breana Pitts reports.
Billionaire Jeff Bezos Leads Charge To Return To The MoonJeff Bezos outlined his plan to move heavy industry off of earth. WBZ-TV's David Wade reports.
Boston Company Uses Drones To Maintain Golf Courses, FarmsGreensight is using drones to find diseased crops on farms or damaged turf on golf courses. WBZ-TV's Liam Martin reports.
WhatsApp Reports Security Breach That Could Allow Hackers To Access PhonesWhatsApp users are being urged to update their apps.
10 Boston Dynamics Robots Combine To Pull Box TruckThe company says its robots will be made available to the public soon.
FedEx Robot Could Soon Be Delivering Packages In Manchester, NHRobots could soon be delivering your packages if you live in Manchester, New Hampshire. WBZ-TV's Mike LaCrosse reports.
WPI 'Thinking Cap' Study Could Improve Online LearningOne computer science professor's research project may just change how we learn at school…and eventually, at work. WBZ-TV's Paula Ebben reports.
Apple's Long-Awaited Video Service Expected MondayWBZ TV's Kate Merrill reports.
Elizabeth Warren’s New Plan: Break Up Amazon, Google And FacebookWBZ TV's Chris McKinnon reports.
MIT Engineer Creates Remotely Operated SnowblowerAn MIT engineer isn't a fan of winter - so he created a remotely operated snowblower that can run on its own for four hours. WBZ-TV's Lisa Hughes reports.

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