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Judicial marshal truck carrying four juveniles involved in Bridgeport crashBRIDGEPORT, CT (WFSB) – Bridgeport police are on the scene of a crash involving a judicial marshal truck. Police said the crash happened just before 6 p.m. at the intersection of Fairfield Avenue and Water Street. The truck was carrying four juveniles. Police said there were severe injuries reported at the scene and the victims were brought to St. Vincent’s Hospital. No additional details have been released at this time.
Colleagues, friends react to Denise D’Ascenzo’s passing(WFSB) - The reaction from viewers, family, friends to the passing of longtime Channel 3 anchor Denise D'Ascenzo has been overwhelming, and appreciated. She impacted many people, and those who knew her, said she was kind and compassionate, even during some of the most difficult stories. <a href="" target="_blank">PHOTOS: Remembering Denise D'Ascenzo</a> Among those sharing stories about D'Ascenzo <a href="" target="_blank">was former WFSB anchor and current CBS This Morning anchor Gayle King</a>. "When I say that this woman was kind and smart and talented, I can't emphasize it enough," King said. "It's very upsetting when you get this kind of news and just another reminder to us about how we live our lives and how important your health is. She really was one of a kind." Former anchor and friend, Al Terzi said D'Ascenzo was always a class act, but D'Ascenzo was more than a co-worker to him, she was a friend. "She was real,” said Terzi. “She was who she appeared to be, and she took her job very seriously. She walked into a room or an auditorium and people moved towards her and wanted to be close to her. That's something you earn, and she earned it big time.” D'Ascenzo’s death has been especially devastating for Dennis House. “To me she was a sister. She was my TV wife, we were never bored of each other. We worked together for 25 years, we would even take breaks together.” Dennis knew D'Ascenzo better than most. He admired her a journalist and as a person. D'Ascenzo was also a mentor. She always took time to get to know interns and new employees. “She was never afraid to sit down with someone and say, ‘can I give you a little advice?’” The Channel 3 family is still in shock as D'Ascenzo took great care of herself. We are all asking, ‘how could this happen?’ “We both considered ourselves healthy and would live a long life together,” said Dennis. “We used to say this isn't a coal mine, we could work here a long time. I don't know how I am going to get along without her.” For 33 years, D'Ascenzo was a part of so many lives, doing what she did best – telling stories. Lt. J. Paul Vance said he got to know D'Ascenzo during one of the worst tragedies of Connecticut’s history – the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. "It’s such a loss for her family but to the people of Connecticut. People invited her into their homes every night." As a lieutenant with the state police, Lt. J. Paul Vance and D'Ascenzo both had to share terrible news. But, through it all, as disturbing as it was, D'Ascenzo always held it together. “She guided Connecticut through tragedy,” said Senator Richard Blumenthal. “Whether it was Sandy Hook or 9/11, she did so with fortitude grace and courage. She encouraged people to be their best and to always be giving, kind human beings.” "We had dinner with her every night - via the TV for a long time. Denise was the heart of Connecticut families. I can tell you the outpouring of support how she touched people's lives," said Gov. Ned Lamont. D'Ascenzo always liked pleasing others. When WFSB had to do mandatory tower work on its antenna over the summer, loyal Channel 3 fan David Babin couldn’t get Channel 3 with his antenna on his 15-year-old television set. With the Surprize Squad, Channel 3 gave David a new and bigger TV, and D'Ascenzo wanted to surprise David. Former WFSB co-anchor and a big fan of our D'Ascenzo, Gerry Brooks made a video from Mexico to express his condolences. “No matter where you've gone, no matter what we do, we are still a family and now a family united in mourning," Brooks said. Former WFSB reporter Duby McDowell is also remembering her time spent with Denise, saying she was "arguably the best known woman in the state of Connecticut, but she absolutely had no ego." While it has been 10 years since she worked at Channel 3, McDowell said her memories and friendship have lasted. Another fellow news anchor Ann Nyberg also has a strong presence in Connecticut. She's been the main anchor at WTNH coming up on 33 years. "I think she was real. I think you have to be real," Nyberg said. When she heard the news about Denise's passing, Nyberg said she was stunned, saying "how could someone so vibrant, so full of life, be suddenly gone." Journalists live their lives telling stories, and Denise was very good at it because she cared. "She was part of Connecticut, and we are lucky this is a small state, and everybody knows everybody, and the impact she was able to have was second to none," Nyberg said.
Viewers share condolences, memories after passing of Denise D'AscenzoThousands of Channel 3 viewers are sharing their memories and tributes following the passing of long-time anchor and journalist Denise D'Ascenzo. Hilton KaderliWhen I had the honor of working with the Denise and the rest of the Channel 3 family I knew her as both the trusted consummate professional and a dear friend. I look back fondly at our moments of working together especially during the Muscular Dystrophy telethons. There her kindness was always on display not only for the kids but also not lost on the audience at home. Denise is greatly missed by all of us. Our prayers go out to her family during this sad time.Hamden Police Capt. Ronald SmithI am so very sorry to hear of the loss of a news legend, Denise D’Ascenzo. Although I never had the chance to meet her, I could tell that she had spent her life caring about others. It doesn’t get better than that. If we all lived our life like she did, the world would be a much better place. The Hamden Police Department would like to express our deepest sympathy to her family and her co-workers.Hallie JacksonDevastated by the death of Denise D’Ascenzo, a Connecticut broadcasting icon - and a gracious and generous colleague - who died suddenly this weekend. Sending strength and love to her family and to all my friends at WFSB News, honoring her life and legacy.Suzanne D.I have been watching Denise D’Ascenzo for a few years now and have found her to be a calming force on WFSB Channel 3 News. Both her voice and her face along with her personality has shown us how we should be. My condolences go out to her family, both at home and the studio. You will be forever missed Denise. Rest in Peace.Kristin L. and familyI want to extend my deepest condolences to all of you on the unexpected passing of Denise D’Ascenzo. For the past 22+ years my family and I have watched WFSB daily. It quickly became a normal part of our daily routine and There was not a day that went by where we did not see Denise on out screen. Regardless of how any of our days were, somehow, each and every one of you managed to make them a little bit brighter for us in your own way. It truly didn’t take very long before you all became family to my parents and I. To this day, watching you all daily feels like catching up with family friends who just happen to deliver the news, regardless of what it was.I can’t even begin to imagine the pain you are all feeling right now but please know that from this family of three in Wethersfield, we definitely feel pain with you. Watching the news will never be the same, but I know Denise’s legacy and memory will live on in all of us. I know you will all honor her memory well, and keep her in your hearts, like all of us CT citizens will, too. Senator Blumenthal and Governor Lamont truly put it perfectly when they said Denise is a News and television legend. She truly was special.Please know My family and I send our love, thoughts, and prayers to each and every one of you at WFSB, Denise‘s friends, family, other co-workers, and everyone else who had a piece of her heart with them. She truly was family to my family, and I know she was for thousands of others, as well.We’ll forever cherish her life and legacy. From Wethersfield with deepest condolencesRobert B.I have watched Denise from the beginning. I watch her every day. Even when the news was devastating, she always managed to bring hope to the world. I will truly miss her.I am sorry very sorry at her passing. My prayers go out to all who loved her, especially her family.David and KimberlyMy wife and I send our condolences to Denise's family, WFSB family, the entire broadcast community and the state of Connecticut. Denise was a Connecticut treasure and will be missed by all. I was fortunate to have met her, albeit very briefly, at Stop and Shop in Branford many years ago. She was as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside, a rare gem among people.She will be missed, DEEPLY, but she will never be forgotten and will forever live-on in our hearts and minds.Cathy and Peter D.Our deepest condolences to her family and WFSB.The state of CT is in mourning and shock. Denise was the epitome of a classy woman and professional newscaster. Appreciate you recognizing that rarely is there a person like Denise that comes along and touches so many people.Middletown Police Chief William McKennaVery, very, very saddened by the news of losing one of Connecticut’s best. What a beautiful person, built by such a beautiful soul. Although not a personal friend of Denise, whereas our paths never crossed...I, like many in CT, are shocked and saddened by this tough news and it feels like a personal loss. This one stings. May God Bless Denise, her husband, daughter and all of her friends and colleagues that were fortunate enough to know, and work alongside of her. Real thoughts and prayers being sent to all from the Middletown Police Department and the McKenna family. Wow...this one hurts for sorry guys and sad.Laurel F.I don’t remember a time when I didn’t watch Denise and Channel 3. She always reported honestly and with empathy for those stories that touched the soul. My sympathies to her family and her WFSB family. Very sad, I will miss her.Nancy M.I had the privilege of meeting Ms. D’Ascenzo during my employment as a Hartford Public School Educator. Her professional demeanor, kindness and ability to connect with others was exemplary. She reported with refreshing, heartfelt sentiment.We are heartbroken for your loss. My family and I mourn with you during this difficult time. We pray God’s peace and strength embrace you.May HIS GRACE ABOUND!Patty D.I just want to give my condolences to Denise’s family and friends and also to the Channel 3 family. She was a wonderful woman inside and out to everyone who knew her. I wish I could have met her, she is an inspiration to everyone. We will all miss this beautiful, genuine, hardworking woman. RIP you will always be in our thoughts and in our hearts.Cristal Q.I’m sorry for the loss of Denise. Growing up as a little girl and watching her on Channel 3 in the morning and in the evenings after school she always inspired everyone with a positive spirit. It has inspired me to continue to pursue my dreams. May God grant her family peace and strength.Soraida G.My heart is broken. Denise was and will always be simply the BEST. Connecticut loss a magnificent Class Act. There will be no other Denise. I have watched her my entire life. Can't imagine life without seeing her on TV our Denise. Heaven has gained an Angel. My heartfelt condolences to Wayne &amp; Katherine.Harriet C.I am a loyal Channel 3 viewer for my entire life. I have watched Denise for the last 30 years carry us through happy and sad times with grace and dignity. She had a gift for delivering the news in a calm, gentle and warm manner. Always flashing her beautiful smile and making us feel as though she was speaking just to us.I will truly miss seeing her every night at 5pm, my prayers to her husband and daughter. Heaven has truly gained an angel.Barbara S.I am so heartbroken and still cannot believe Denise left us. It has me so devastated. I can imagine how it is for her family and and WFSB family. It will never be the same. Prayers and my deepest sympathies to her family and her family at WFSB. Wish I had taken coats there instead of BEST cleaners. Another heartbroken fan.....Dennis special prayers for you also.....Kelley R.Extending my condolences across the miles, for Denise. I don’t even live in CT anymore but each time I came to visit and watch the news I’d think I really like Denise!I’m saddened for the news crew of wfsb, the state of CT and her family. I’m sad I won’t see her report again.So very sorry for the great loss. She really was wonderful, honest, classy, intelligent, witty, beautiful and always conducted herself with such integrity. Truly she will be missed.God Bless and comfort her family and wfsb.God Speed Denise.Cathy S.I have been watching the tributes on line and on air and what amazes me is that I tear up every single time for someone I did not know personally, but felt like I did. When I ask myself why am I tearing up; I didn't even know this person, I realize that it is because Denise made each of us feel like we DID know her and she DID know us. Like a neighbor or a friend who was touching base with us every single day to see how we were doing. What a gift she was.Kim C.I want to send my deepest sympathy to Denise's family and co-workers.Denise always reported with such kindness and care. She was always optimistic and had a beautiful smile.She will be greatly missed.Myra W.Sending my condolences to everyone that had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful woman. She will be missed. Again I’m so sorry for an amazing part of your team and family.The Trotter FamilyDenise will be so truly missed by my entire family , we are so saddened by her passing, far to young. To her family and all her admirers , and her WFSB family, you are all in our thoughts and prayers.Chris W.I am truly so saddened by this sudden and shocking news of Denise's death. Hers was the calming voice at the end of my day. She will be greatly missed by her public but more so by her family and you, her co workers. May she rest in peace and may we all take away a bit of that peace to hold in our hearts.Judy and Buddy BuderDenise was a wonderful person. She is and was a part of all of our lives watching the news in our homes. It will never be the same. There will always be a void without Denise. Her presence will be there but not being able to see her or hear her voice will have an absence in our lives. Although the news was sometimes good or bad, she had a way of presenting the news to us in a comforting way. We feel so bad for her daughter and husband.PaulaWhen I turned on the news at 5:20am Sun., the first thing I saw was “Remembering Denise” but I couldn’t process what that meant initially. And then after about a minute, I pieced it together combined with the reporting and immediately broke down, hysterically crying. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing. I was in utter shock and great sadness - the kind that is only felt when you feel like you’ve lost a very good and close friend. This happened to me when Princess Diana passed away, too. Denise had the same tremendous impact on people in CT just like the Princess had universally. Denise was uniquely special and now she is truly an angel in heaven. God Bless her family and WFSB.Joanne W.So heartbroken to hear of the passing of Denise. She was the bright light of the news which I faithfully watched every day. My heart goes out to her family, coworkers and friends.Sharon F.My sincere condolences to Denise's family and colleagues. I always thought of Denise as the epitome of what a broadcast journalist should be. She delivered the news clear, poised, professional. Her impeccable taste in fashion for television was timeless and professional. Her beautiful smile was just that beautiful. Rest in peace.Anne R.Denise was a beautiful woman inside and out. She was in our living room every night. Her soft voice and kindness to everyone was touching. Our deepest sympathy to her husband and daughter, also to the Channel 3 family too.Mary B.I am still in shock and so sad over the loss of Denise. I don’t feel the need to use her last name, although I never met her, she was that friend who guided us through the news be it good or bad. She was beautiful, poised, professional and so giving to the whole CT community. Our sympathies and prayers to Denise’s immediate and extended families. There will be a huge void in the CT news worldDonna W.Denise you will definitely be missed by the whole state of Connecticut. Your Contagious smile brightened my day always. WFSB will not be the same what so ever. I loved watching ‘Tea at 3’ you called it. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and her loving family on WFSB news. Praying for her familyTomI don’t have any pictures with Denise nor had I ever had the pleasure of meeting her in person. I had however watched her on TV since the day she started. She was truly a trustworthy and genuinely kind-hearted person who you wanted to hear from and in some ways wanted to emulate. Always be humble and kind is a phrase that resonates with me and whenever I see or hear that phrase, I’ll now think of her.My condolences to her family.Ann M.I was a resident of Southington for 46 years and I watched Denise from the beginning. I’m so very sorry to hear that she has passed away. Denise had a way to deliver news in special way that even the worst news was not so bad. In live you come in contact with different people, but Denise will always be in my memory the sweetest, kind and best ever news anchor. Thank You Denise! Rest in Peace.Maria D.As an elementary educator, Denise was an inspiration for me to do good for others and to be a kind human being. I looked forward to tuning in to the 6:00 news with Denise and Dennis as the were the perfect balance for what I needed at that time of day. Scot Haney said it perfectly this morning. Like he, I also associated Denise’s passing with Lady Diana. Our entire state and people from across the nation are mourning her loss. May you forever Rest in Peace.Tina O.Denise was a wonderfully successful, well respected journalist, that was easy to see. Her sweet kindhearted personality too. I was brought to tears yesterday when I found out about her passing. I feel we all lost a friend whether we knew her personally or not. My heart goes out to her family, friends and colleagues at WFSB. God bless you!Susanne W.I was shocked and saddened to learn about Denise in Saturday. I’m 46 and grew up in Connecticut watching Denise. Hearing her professional yet comforting tone of her voice was a staple of my day. I never had the pleasure of meeting her but felt as though I known her for years. The loss of Denise is immeasurable, and we lost more than a friend, she was family. My sincere condolences to her husband, daughter, family and friends.Shanna Y.Denise D’Ascenzo was a fixture in our homes. We grew up watching her and continued to watch her into adulthood. From her gorgeous and friendly smile to the caring and compassionate tone in her voice, Denise was a trusted source we turned to for our information. During horrific events she stayed calm and collected and was a reassuring presence in our lives, even if she was only on our television screens. I can recall commenting on Dennis House’s posts containing photos of Denise about how beautiful she was, and how she never seemed to age. She was flawless, and after hearing so many remembrances of her by those who knew her, it seems that she was flawless in more ways than just her physical appearance. How rare it is to find such a genuine soul inside to match the outside. I did not know Denise D’Ascenzo but somehow it still feels as though I have lost a friend. My sincerest and most heartfelt condolences to her husband, daughter, her friends, and all of her Channel 3 family. WFSB will be not be the same without her.NickI am composing this email to let you all know I just watched the tribute that was done for Denise and I honestly am left speechless. Growing up in CT for all my life, Denise was the newswoman my mother always loved. We lost my mother unexpectedly last December 22, and my utmost feelings go out to her husband, daughter and of course all of you, her colleagues at Channel 3. Her amazing smile, beautiful spirit and dedication to our State of CT can never be replaced. She was the epitome of class, wonderful personality, and just simply impeccable at what she did. To you her we all know she’s at Gods side and with that flawless smile she’s looking down on you all and saying...”carry on colleagues, I’m right by your side”. God bless you Denise and forever be in peace.Linda H.I always watch Channel 3 News as I felt Denise was a honest, factual, and sincere reporter. I will miss her beautiful smile and uplifting demeanor, my deepest sympathy to her family and colleagues.Diane C.I, like everyone, was shocked and very saddened to hear of Denise D’Ascenzo’s passing. People are saying “I’m having such a hard time with this”, me included. She was our friend even though we never met. Those who were lucky to have known her personally were truly blessed. Our sincerest condolences to her husband, daughter Kathryn and all of her loved ones. We stand with you in your immeasurable grief. Dear Lord, give us strength to bear this tremendous loss. Amen.Barbara C.My son and I met Denise while she was doing a segment on proper children’s footwear at Footprints in Newington. I’ll never forget how she took the time to say hello and spoke with my son about his love for the weather. She said she would tell Bruce, Evan said hello. His face lit up as she smiled at him. She made his day. She has made my day as I have watched her from middle school up until Friday. We are all mourning her loss. My condolences to her WFSB family, her daughter, and husband. She will be missed.Janet B.There are no words to truly express our shock and sadness at the sudden passing of the lovely Denise D’Ascenzo. We have watched her newscasts for over 30 years as she radiated warmth, humility and empathy into each of her stories. Her compassion came through the TV into our home each evening as we looked forward to her honest, genuine reporting. We are grieving this immense loss and are sending hugs through our prayers to her family and colleagues as we wish them comfort and peace. She will be dearly missed and forever remembered. To honor her memory we will pay forward an act of kindness. Peace to your hearts.Rebecca H.My heart goes out to the D’Ascenzo family. Denise was an inspiration to everyone. She taught us all what true inward beauty and class were. No matter how dire the news was, she brought calm and a sense of hope to the viewers. She will be sorely missed but her spirit lives on through the lives she has touched and the broadcasters who have called her friend.Deb B.She’s an angel. I can’t stop shedding tears for her and her family. She will be missed so much. She was a beautiful and gracious woman. Denise, you will be missed.Diane M.I wish to extend my sincere sympathy to Denise's husband, daughter &amp; the WFSB family. Denise will be missed very much. Her ever present smile &amp; professionalism was one thing that drew me to Channel 3 news. My thoughts and prayers are with all who are grieving her loss.Tanya C.I have been watching Denise for 30 years. I grew up to know her and my heart breaks for her loved ones and the Channel 3 family. Although she never knew me, she was a staple in my family’s home every single day. Life is too short. She was an amazing woman. God bless her family!Suzanne P.I am just your everyday viewer and have never met Denise personally. She has, however, over time, become a big part of my day-to-day life. I have followed Channel 3 News for 30 plus years and have settled into a nightly weekly routine of listening to Denise’s broadcasts. The thought of not being able to enjoy her insights or being calmed by her reassuring presence is truly upsetting. I can’t imagine the sorrow felt by her family, friends, and colleagues. Peace to everyone dealing with her loss.Robert D.I always loved Denise. She was beautiful inside and out. She was professional, poised and brilliant. Heaven has gained a wonderful angel. My condolences to family, friends and colleagues. Will miss her so much!Susan P.Dear Dennis and all of the WFSB family, My heart is broken I am so sad to hear this news of the passing of Denise. What a beautiful soul such a kind and lovely person she will be missed in my home. Please know that you and all WFSB family and Denise’s family are in my prayers and my thoughts with you all. May you find comfort in our Lord Jesus that heaven has gained another Angel. She truly brought a smile to my face every morning made my day. God Bless all of you may all find the strength to carry on.Maureen V.My husband Ed and I want to send our sincere condolences to everyone at WFSB. There are no words that can take away the pain you are all feeling, but know that Denise, her friends, and her family especially her Channel 3 family are in our thoughts and prayers. RIP sweet ladyLinda S.I was utterly shocked and so saddened by the terrible news of Denise D’Ascenzo’s passing. All of Connecticut loved her. We thought of her as mother, aunt, sister, friend. Along with being the ultimate, professional journalist, she brought so much class and kindness to her reporting.All of Connecticut is crying tonight. My heartfelt condolences and prayers go out to all her co-workers at Channel 3 and to her family. She will be so missed. What a loss. What a terrible loss!Diane C.As tears have rolled done my face, I just want to send a warm hug for everyone who works at WFSB. Channel 3. The pain and shock of this sudden loss of such a vibrant, beautiful and intelligent member of your WFSB family and the D’Ascenzo family must be immeasurable. I am just a regular viewer of Channel 3, WFSB who has come to look forward to the professional, accurate, caring and loving manner in which the news and other programs are delivered in such a positive way and when appropriate. Yhe many beautiful smiles. That somehow would always make my day better, no matter what personal battles I may have encountered. Denise , and all of you at the WFSB family have a wonderful gift : touching so many lives. Thank you and thank you Denise, you will definitely be missed...but never forgotten. Prayers will be said for Denise, her family and her WFSB family.Jack and Betty D.We will miss Denise so much and our extending our condolences to her family friends and Channel 3. A bright light on earth has been extinguished but her legacy will shine on. Sending love to all.Kimberly C.The loss of Denise is devastating. My heart is breaking for all of the staff, especially Dennis House. The way I cried when hearing this terrible news; one would think Denise and I were best friends. I never met Denise, but she was in my home every night. That voice was such a comfort, she was so kind, professional, and graceful. She made you feel safe; that she had the answers and everything was going to be ok. Her death is surreal, I feel that she will be there tonight, but she won't. Denise, may you rest in peace knowing how loved you are by so many. The news will never be the same without you, but your colleagues will carry and deliver the news with your professional and kind spirit.Shannon C.I ran a coffee shop on Constitution Plaza from 1997 until 2004. Denise would come out once in a while for a tea. She was a woman of great humility and just a class act. I will never forget her speech after 911, so genuine. She will not be forgotten.Michael F.I wanted to send my sympathy to Denise and her family. I feel that even though I never had the opportunity to meet Denise in person, everyone had the opportunity to know her through the news daily. I believe that Denise and her family are being watched by angels and they are in good hands during this difficult time. If I was able to meet Denise, I would tell her that she is one of the nicest person I ever met or watched her on the news. She was a professional person in all aspects of life.Phyllis R.I am still crying whenever I read or see a picture of our beloved Denise. All of Connecticut is in mourning for our beautiful jewel. She was so loved and respected by her fans and WFBS family. Our deepest condolences to Denise’s husband, daughter, friends and family. Rest in Peace lovely Denise.Margarita T.I was away for the holidays when I heard the news. Denise was an anchor woman I respected, for her integrity and humanitarianism. She was always a role model for the new staff, and I can’t tell you how I’m affected. With tears in my eyes, I wish her family my deepest condolences. She was one in a million.Gary K.Denise was a true journalist. She reported the news as is and nothing else. She had a fantastic screen presence that I know, my family and I welcomed every night into our house. She will always be the beautiful person inside and out that we saw on screen. I know we will miss her presenting the news every weekday night. Our prayers go out to her husband and daughter and to all her extended family at WFSB.Arnold G.I didn't know Denise never even met her, but she was part of my family every night, she was ways welcome in my home. I feel like l lost my best friend. Connecticut will never be the same without her. RIP great lady.Michelle O.I always look forward to the news with all of you but Denise will surely be missed, and her assignments were always the kind that tugged at your heart strings. Prayers and blessing to both of her families, personal and professional.Amber E.I have watched Channel 3 at dinner every night since I was a kid. My kids and I watch the news as part of our dinner starting every night at 5. We will miss her, and our prayers to all her friends and family. It just won’t be the same.Gail D.I am beyond devastated by the news of Denise D’Ascenzo’s passing. She has been my dinner companion for 15 years. I always watched the 5:00 news with her and Dennis. She had a soothing voice and incredible compassion in her voice. She had a certain calming effect on me when delivering catastrophic news. There is an empty spot at my dinner table as my classy dinner companion has moved on to a higher purpose. My condolences to the WFSB family and her husband and daughter she will be greatly missed.Elizabeth F.I am just a viewer. But I feel like I have lost a friend. I watched Denise every day on 5 and later 6pm news, since day one. I cannot imagine the pain her family is going through and I will pray for them. I am sure the good Lord in Heaven has her in his arms. No one can replace her. The news will never be the same. Give my condolences to her family.Luca De SciscioThe night that I heard that Denise had passed away, I couldn’t help but be grief stricken and shed a tear of sadness. It was living that nightmare all over again of when my mother passed away. I had never met Denise in person, but always watched her on TV as far back as I could remember as a child and resembled her to my mother. That particular voice, warm, caring, devoted time to helping anyone out, beautiful, gave words of encouragement and always smiling above all, but unfortunately passing away abruptly at the same age. We are not in in control of our destiny and can only depend on time to alleviate the pain of a scar that will never heal. Just remember that God wants the most beautiful flowers beside Him and that is exactly what He has done. Now whenever I see a beautiful flower, I have another reason to smile and rather than shed a tear of sadness, make it a tear of happiness. RIPJerry V.I was a hairstylist and salon owner for over 32 years. You’ll never know how many times clients would come in and say “I want Denise D’Ascenzo’s hairstyle and or color! She was an Icon! Beautiful inside and out!"
A look at Denise's passion for medical reportingHARTFORD, CT (WFSB) -- As many people across the state, and even folks across the country, remember Denise D’Ascenzo, it’s a definite reminder that she truly cared about everyone she encountered. It's part of what made her such an amazing story teller, she connected and fought for those who needed it most. “She's an icon. She's somebody who made an enormous difference. I think she provided security, comfort, inspiration,” said Jeff Flaks, CEO of Hartford Healthcare. Denise worked closely with Hartford Healthcare, and had a special interest in all things medical. "Denise had a passion for medical reporting,” Flaks said. She also hosted a weekly series on Channel 3 called Medical Rounds, and several years ago she worked on a series of half-hour specials called “Advancing Medicine,” introducing people who were benefitting from the latest medical procedures and technologies that are available in Connecticut. “Denise was part of the Hartford Healthcare family. Countless hours spent on our campuses, meeting our patients, she invested in each patient, each story, it meant a lot to her, you could see it,” Flaks said. One story in particular was about Colby Salerno, who spend a record amount of time in the hospital before receiving a heart transplant. She was with him as he took some of his very first steps after his surgery. “Denise had the ability in such an empathetic way to tell that story, and the post-script is, eventually, not only did Colby Salerno get a new heart, but today he's a practicing physician, and that was her story,” Flaks said. She also told the story of Cherie St. Germain, a young soccer player whose life was saved by doctors after suffering a stroke. Denise also sat down with the Andersons – Andy Anderson had kidney cancer. She spoke with Andy's doctor who used cutting edge robotic technology to treat him. “Her legacy will be one of service, one of community, I think her legacy will be one of real excellence and of commitment,” Flaks said. “I think she leaves an enormous imprint on the state, and one that's going to be sorely missed.” Denise also worked closely with St. Francis Hospital on health reporting. She witnessed the moment the parents of premature baby, Joey, got to hold him for the first time. President of St. Francis Hospital, Dr. John Rodis released a statement saying “We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Denise D’Ascenzo. Her dedication to her craft and to the people of Connecticut are unmatched. Whether she was on-air, in-person, at a charity event, or just in casual conversation, she exuded class, intelligence, and above all kindness. For those of us who have had the privilege of meeting Denise, it was a true honor. We are grateful for the opportunities we had to work with Denise over the years in her time reporting on various health-related stories. She brought a unique compassion and humility to each of her stories. Her loss is one that we are all feeling at the core. We send our heartfelt condolences to Denise’s family, friends and to the entire WFSB news team. We are praying for you.”
Reverend sheds light on coping with deathBLOOMFIELD, CT (WFSB) -- Death, especially a sudden death, is something that’s difficult to process and accept. Many, including all of us at Channel 3, are struggling and coping in our own way following Denise D’Ascenzo’s passing. The thought that Denise is no longer here and has died is hard to comprehend, but she was a woman of great faith. It’s that faith and communal comfort that will help us to grieve and celebrate her life. “It’s never an easy thing, especially when it’s a sudden loss when we’re not expecting it death can be a big shock to the system,” said Reverend Matthew Gworek, of the Archdiocese of Hartford. Gworek, at the Pastoral Center in Bloomfield, said coming together with family and colleagues does heal the paid of a sudden loss. Denise D’Ascenzo was remembered during the live streaming of the daily mass on Monday by the Office of Radio and Television of the Archdioceses of Hartford. Everywhere, faithful parishioners at St. Josephs Cathedral in Hartford felt the sudden loss and grief. “Our condolences to the families, and it really hurt. If it happened to my family, I don’t know how to cope with it,” said Kathy Vu, of West Hartford. “I think that as time goes on, you remember more and more of the good things and less and less the unfavorable things,” said Hazel Vail, of West Hartford. Father Gworek said it’s hard to understand when it’s beyond our understanding. “So we try our best and ask God for help and try our best and reach out to him to say I don’t get this but please help me to feel a little bit okay,” he said.
Early Warning Weather Alert for possible snow on WednesdayHARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - Milder temperatures and rain over the next two days may give way to some snow on Wednesday. Meteorologist Scot Haney said temperatures should rise into the low-50s during both Monday and Tuesday. "Moisture levels will be high, which means we can expect cloudy skies and periods of rain both days, especially [Monday]," Haney said. Track the rain with Early Warning Pinpoint Doppler <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>. Areas of fog could also develop. A lot of the snow from Winter Storm Abel could be gone by Tuesday. "Please keep in mind, rain and melting snow could also result in some poor drainage flooding," Haney said. Then comes a cold front Tuesday night, followed by a strong northwest wind that will usher cold are into the state by Wednesday. "It's also looking a bit snowy Wednesday morning," Haney said. "Accumulations of snow will be possible. Most models show 2 to 3 inches. A few [models] have shown as much as 5 inches in a few spots." Channel 3 declared an Early Warning Weather Alert for what could be a messy Wednesday morning commute. Temperatures are expected to hold steady in the 30s Wednesday morning before turning colder. Winds could also gust up to 40 mph or higher. "We should see some partial clearing during the afternoon," Haney said. Temperatures could dip into the teens by Wednesday night. Thursday's highs look to only make it into the 20s and low-30s. "The sky should be partly-to-mostly sunny," Haney said. Wintry precipitation is in the forecast for the end of the week. Read the complete technical discussion <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>. For weather updates on smartphones and tablets, head <a href="" target="_blank">here</a> or text "WFSB" to 23765 to download the Channel 3 app.
WFSB General Manager shares memories of DeniseWFSB's General Manager, Dana Neves, shares her memories of Denise D'Ascenzo.
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Suspicious package prompted investigation at Yale-New Haven HospitalNEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) - A hazmat team responded to Yale New Haven Hospital on Monday after a suspicious package was found. The New Haven Fire Department <a href="" target="_blank">said hazmat and rescue teams responded</a> to York Street on Monday afternoon. Hazmat Location 20 York St. Yale New Haven Hospital. Companies Responding En 11 Eu 2 Rescue 1 Hazmat 1 SOC 1 Car 32, 34, 39.&mdash; New Haven Fire (@NewHavenFire) <a href="">December 9, 2019</a> The hospital said an unattended package was found at 20 York St. Out of an abundance of caution, local officials were notified. The package was later determined to not be a threat, officials said. Patient care was not impacted.