Heading into the summer, it can be important to know the up and coming fashion trends to update your closet. Even purchasing one or two items can be versatile and used for many looks. Darlene Salonia, owner of Ooh La La Boutique in West Hartford, shares tips on new and repeat summer trends. Each of these summer items, whether newbie trends or staples, is carried in her boutique.
Darlene Salonia
Ooh La La Boutique
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West Hartford, CT 06107
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Darlene Salonia is the owner of Ooh La La Boutique located in West Hartford. The fashion boutique is a locally owned business with new merchandise restocked every week. Ooh La La is unique because of the boutique’s specialization in ordering only six of each item, making the chances of you being the only one with that clothing piece even higher. The store sells clothing items, accessories, belts and scarves. The merchandise is moderately priced and suitable for different functions, from casually going out to more formal occasions. Ooh La La posts pictures of the store’s new merchandise weekly on the Facebook page.


Denim is everywhere this summer, and can be worn in a variety of ways. It can be added to your outfit as a splash of denim in the form of a jacket, or a popular way to wear it is a full pants suit. Denim on denim will continue to be a trend this season. Stir things up by mixing white denim with a light blue denim. Top off your look with bright red lipstick just like on the runways, which will add a pop of color to make your look stand out.

“Cold Shoulder”

The “cold shoulder” refers to an off the shoulder look. This fashion trend will continue from last summer into this summer season. Dresses, shirts and rompers are some go-to clothing items to wear off the shoulder. This look gives you the ability to show more skin but in a tasteful way. Cut outs are a similar trend which can be worn just on the shoulder or sides. Pair your “cold shoulder” with bold or dangling earrings.


Just because you’re not at Coachella doesn’t mean you can’t rock BoHo chic. When you are looking for this trend, think free flowing dresses, bell sleeves, wide pants and fringe. Add fringe within an article of clothing or on a suede purse.  You can also borrow from the off the shoulder look listed above to create a BoHo chic outfit.

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Stripes & Patterns

Using stripes or patterns doesn’t have to be structured. Have fun with this summer fashion trend. Victorian swirls and flowers on dresses are an easy go-to choice. Make a statement by choosing something out of the ordinary.


Chokers have made a come back as a 2016 summer trend. Chokers are necklaces worn around the neck. Step things up a notch by adding big dangles or extensions on the chokers with a bedazzle. Pair chokers as an accessory with a white button down shirt. It will stand as a bold necklace that will be a necessity in your closet.

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Kimberly Ord is a freelance writer and lifetime resident of Connecticut. Her work can be found at Examiner.com.