Alexandra Wallace-Currie designs clothing, accessories and crafts, which she sells through her Fairfield boutique, a little square. Alexandra is more than just an artist, entrepreneur or fashionista. She is someone with a big heart who uses her talents to help bring smiles to underprivileged children and especially to the families of cancer victims, most notably through her charity, the Pink Pom-Pom Project. Alexandra makes it her business not just to track but also to anticipate fashion trends, and here are just five of what she sees as the “hottest” trends in Connecticut this spring.

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Designer Alexandra Wallace-Currie knows from experience what trends will be hot this spring in Connecticut. “This is something that is near and dear to my heart and what I used to do for The Tobe Report back in the day!,” explains Alexandra. “I love fashion! I love to play with colors, clothes, shoes, and especially make-up. This year is quite spectacular as the colors coming off the runways are vibrant, bold and best of all, easy to wear. “

Yellow Will Be Everywhere

“The trending color off the runways from Milan to Paris to New York is yellow,” says Alexandra. “Bold, bright and even pastel, it’s everywhere! Fendi, Balenciaga, Prada and Valentino have championed the handbag category with their fabulous yellow about town hand bags. My personal favorite is Prada’s Mini Saffiano Promenade Bag in Soleil. I love it, it’s so sweet and small! Wear it with a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti’s Yellow Peep-Toe Slingback and you are good to go!”

Ladylike Wardrobes Are Still In

“Ladylike wardrobes inspired by the ’60s are thankfully still in,” observes Alexandra Wallace-Currie with evident relief. “Delicate to big floral prints are the driving force in prints for this spring season for most designers such as the late icon Oscar de la Renta. His allegiance to true femininity is commendable – Monsieur de la Renta always knew how to recognize and dress a lady when he saw one! This season his collection is all about bold colors, laces, bright floral prints and beautiful intricate hand sewn embroideries. “

Fringe Will Be on Everything!

“Fringe is in and on everything,” says Alexandra. It will be “on everything from shoes to handbags to jackets! Even Escada has jumped on this trend wagon which is so exciting because I have always viewed them as a collection for more mature women. Way to go! And even Herve Leger has strayed slightly from his legendary tight fitting ribbon dresses to funky fringe – check out his seductive black Kierra V-neck at Neiman Marcus.“

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Shorts and Culottes are Back – Thanks to Taylor Swift

“Shorts are in from tap shorts to, an old favorite, culottes,” says Alexandra, and all thanks to a young pop singer. “Taylor Swift laid down the ground for an oldy and now a goody – tap shorts,” believes Alexandra. Tap shorts, for those who might not know, “are high-wasted short shorts. Her music video from her album ‘1989’ features ‘Blank Space’ which shows her in glittery tap shorts belting out her ballad. I am afraid Swifties, her fans, are catching on! If you’ve got good legs, tap that trend,” encourages Alexandra. For those who are not so confidant in their ability to carry off the shorts trend, she has an alternative – culottes. “Culottes are a go between pants and shorts, they fall midway down your calf. It’s a wonderful beachy look and very casual.”

Gingham, From the Streets of Paris to the Boutiques of Connecticut

“Gingham in big checks or tiny specs are in!” observes Alexandra. “How sweet for summer and a perfect way to cover the entire family. Micheal Kors’ Spring 2015 collection has covered each and every one of the trends called this season. My favorite look is his powder blue gingham button front top with what looks like a long fluid floral Tu-Tu! His entire collection is refreshingly fun and appealing to all ages. His Pleated Floral Fil Coupe Dance skirt is very romantic and looks like it’s straight off the streets of Paris.”

Word T-Shirts Are Still In

“This was not highlighted on the runways, more for us folk who shop locally, but I believe word t-shirts are still in,” says Alexandra. “Trending from ‘The Real Housewives of’…etc. franchise, it seems each housewife has their ‘thang,’ especially Kenya from Atlanta. Her new word and act is ‘twirling.’ Twirling is highlighting a mood or a fashion look where she twirls saying ‘twirling’ a few times. It’s cute and girlie when she does it. Watch out for the ‘Champagne Diet’ or ‘Momma’s Stayin’ in Bed!’”

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A Final Thought

After this winter with all of its snow, Alexandra believes that spring can not come soon enough. Whether you follow any or all of the trends she has pointed out, or make your own, what is most important, says Alexandra, is to “have fun this spring, it’s going to be a warm one!”

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