It’s getting close to that time of year to put away your summer clothes for another year and begin preparing for the fall. For advice on how to stay fashionable during the upcoming season, here is advice from expert Regina Kirshbaum from the Stamford shop Agabhumi: The Best of Bali.

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Kirshbaum co-founded Agabhumi with her husband in Stamford in 2002 (a second store was opened in Barbados two years later). The boutique’s name means “ancient firmament” and is subtitled “The Best of Bali” due to the clothing and jewelry she brings back with her from her many trips to the island. Her store has won a loyal clientele and raves from national and regional publications, including InStyle, Glamour and Connecticut Magazine. Here are Kirshbaum’s tips on the upcoming trends and how to look your best.

Bold Jewelry

Kirshbaum says that the key pieces of jewelry that will be in this autumn are dramatic: chokers, wide cuffs and ear cuffs. Those, she adds, are statement pieces that convey a strong confident message. Also big are pieces that the industry are calling “exotic treasures.” As she says, “What may be happening there is a nod to the chaos in the world and obviously the chaos in our upcoming election.” She adds that people are looking for something to connect with on an ethereal level, and many people are becoming more inquisitive about the deeper connections present in the stones and crystals they wear.

Black And White

Calling it a very classic look, Kirshbaum says black and white will make a return this fall. She notes that while women may feel a black and white combo is safe, there are certain choices that can make it very dramatic. “For instance a big white shirt with a black legging and then a motorcycle jacket in black leather.” She cites that as an example of an outfit that borrows from a few different styles that will turn heads.

Rose Quartz

For those who like a little color, Kirshbaum suggests the Pantone color of the year, the pale pink shade known as rose quartz. “What I think is interesting about it on an elevated level is the spirituality of rose quartz.” She elaborates that it is known as a happy and loving stone, and that it is said to reduce the stress of anybody wearing it and to soothe those who are around her. Adding a splash of rose quartz to your wardrobe this fall will therefore be good for your spiritual well-being.

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Sleek Accessories

Kirshbaum says capes are one of this year’s fall trends, and with the cooler weather, they are ideal for the season. “A wide cape on top is going to want a narrow pant”, she advises. “That is going to allow for a lot of shirt types that look good on anybody. She could layer a narrow shirt with a fuller shirt over that, and then throw the cape on for a very pretty layered look.” Belts and long fingerless gloves are two more accessories she recommends for a stylish ensemble this fall.

Eye-Catching Hats

Kirshbaum says this fall expect a comeback for sophisticated headwear, such as berets and fedoras. The look is something of a throwback to a style that was popular in the 1980s and ’90s. And she adds, “It’s such a nice finishing look, and it’s such a show of confidence when a woman is comfortable wearing that.”

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