Cellphone Led Police To Assault SuspectHartford police say a man accused of raping, punching and trying to strangle a Hartford woman left behind his cellphone that led to his arrest.
Fatal Accident Prompts Renewed Look At Cellphones And DrivingThe death of a Connecticut jogger and the subsequent criminal charges against the 16-year-old driver authorities say was using a cellphonecome as other states are considering measures to force both teenagers and adults to disconnect from cellphones and other electronic devices before getting behind the wheel.
Governor Says State Law On Cellphones In Cars Is Strict EnoughGov. Dannel P. Malloy says he believes Connecticut's law banning the use of cellphones and mobile electronic devices while driving --yet still allows hands-free devices-- is enough to protect the public.
ACLU Asks Local Police for GPS Info The American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut has asked for data from six municipalities and the state police as part of a national effort to determine how often local law enforcement agencies use cell phones to track people.
Hamden Police Use Cellphone To Arrest Kidnap Suspect Hamden police have charged a 24-year-old man with kidnapping after using GPS technology to track a cell phone call that came from the alleged victim.
Distracted Driving Crackdown UnderwayState and Hartford-area police are bolstering patrols this week to look for distracted drivers as part of a federal pilot program.
Tougher Cellphone Law Gets a Legislative HearingLawmakers to hear tesimony on stiffer penalties for cellphone violations.

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