Todd Feinburg

Todd Feinburg: Is Protecting Our Kids The Government’s Responsibility?

We discuss helmet laws for skateboarding/roller skating – Is this the government’s responsibility to protect our children? Writing laws based on emotion – is it a good or bad idea? Sen. Joe Markley calls in to comment on the helmet topic, personal responsibility, and common sense. Plus, the Mad Liberal – Trump’s Steel Tariffs, and […]


Todd Feinburg: More Chaos In The White House?

Michael Harrison discusses more chaos in the Trump White House, and Hope Hicks and her “white lies.” Plus, movie talk, with Academy Awards coming up this weekend Todd and Michael discuss the present state of pop culture and how the movie theater industry is fading. Six teens are running for Governor in Kansas, plus the Mad […]


Todd Feinburg: Are Tolls The Answer?

Rep. Tony “Tolls” Guerrera is in the studio to convince Todd that tolls are the answer to CT’s financial problems. WE WILL THRIVE!! Rep. Guerrera takes calls, talks tolls and CT fiscal disaster, and discusses union wages vs. standard wages.


Mike Harrison: Supporting The Students

Mike Harrison from Talkers Magazine fills in for Todd. Looking at the younger generations reaction to the Florida school shooting. 40 “comfort” dogs were provided at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School as the students returned to class… what would you do if in charge of the school, how would you support the students? And Dick’s […]


Mike Harrison: Men vs. Women In Crisis

Mike Harrison from Talkers Magazine fills in for Todd. We discuss Trump’s comments claiming he would have confronted the Florida school shooter without a gun. Is there a difference between the reactions of men and women when a crisis arises? What is the difference between a criminal and terrorist? Should these school shooters be labeled […]


Todd Feinburg: Gun Owners & Mental Illness

Rep. Art O’Neill discusses risk warrants (red flag laws) to help deal with mentally ill gun owners. Plus, more reaction to the ongoing gun debate in America… is arming teachers a good idea or a bad idea? And we look at anti-depressants’ relation to school shootings.


Todd Feinburg: Government & Big Business Incompetence

Michael Harrison discusses government and big business incompetence… is the problem more government or human nature? Is government inefficiency contributing to the gun violence/school shootings? Plus, a review of “Black Panther”… who was your favorite superhero growing up? The Mad Liberal, Philosophy Phryday: What would you genetically change about humans to make them a better […]


Todd Feinburg: Big Money and American Politics

Steve Levitsky, Political scientist and Professor of Government at Harvard University, author of “How Democracies Die” asks what is the influence of big money on the American political ecosystem? Should teachers carry guns to help prevent school shootings? Would it work? Mike Handler, gubernatorial candidate joins the programs, as well as Sen Joe Markley, who […]


Todd Feinburg: Tolls and Other Tax Proposals

Joe Horvath, Director of Legislative Outreach, Yankee Institute for Public Policy, talks tolls and other tax proposals.  Prasad Shrinivisan discusses the gun control debate and laws. Sen. John Kissel, JI Op-ed has a toll question: Where is the concern over a half-billion-dollar tax? Tim Herbst, a gubernatorial candidate, discusses the GOP debate tonight, tolls and […]


Todd Feinburg: Big Pharma and Mass Shootings

We discuss pharma’s impact on school/mass shootings… what are the effects of anti-depressants?



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