1,800 Instacart workers laid off. No one agrees on who fired them.Delivery company says it's cutting workers at the request of grocery stores. Stores say they weren't consulted.
Twitter bans account linked to Iran's leader after Trump threatPost shows image of Trump playing golf in the shadow of a drone and declares that "revenge is certain."
Google threatens to shut down in Australia over proposed tech lawThe legislation would force big tech companies to pay news outlets to use their content. Google says that would make its business model unworkable.
Facebook asks oversight board for final decision on Trump's accountFacebook has defended its decision to suspend Trump indefinitely as "necessary and right."
Amazon doesn't have to restore Parler online, judge saysCourt rules ecommerce giant is under no obligation to host some Parler users' "incendiary speech."
PayPal boots real estate agent who flew private jet to Capitol riotsRyan asked her Twitter followers for help Thursday afternoon, sharing a link to a PayPal account. By Thursday evening, it was gone.
QAnon believers hit with disappointment after Biden's inaugurationConspiracy theories circled online leading up to President Biden's inauguration, leading some to believe former President Donald Trump would somehow remain in office. When that didn't happen, followers were left doubting. CBSN technology reporter Dan Patterson joins CBSN AM to discuss QAnon's impact and potential future.
White House site allows users to choose their pronounsThe changes may seem minor, but advocates say they're meaningful.
CBSN Originals presents "Reverb | A City Under Surveillance"The Detroit Police Department is using facial recognition technology and a network of surveillance cameras to combat the city’s high crime rates. But critics say the technology has racial bias built into it and has even landed innocent people behind bars. In this documentary, CBSN Originals explores the debate over high-tech policing that promises to make our communities safer yet at the same time threatens our civil liberties.
Expert doubts tech companies will keep up aggressive stance against misinformationSeveral social media sites suspended President Trump and key allies following the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol, and a research firm found online misinformation about election fraud dropped more than 70% after those suspensions. Meanwhile, the Washington Post reports the incoming Biden administration is facing bipartisan calls to expand antitrust enforcement on tech companies. Roger McNamee, author of the New York Times bestseller "Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe," joins CBSN to discuss.
Richard Branson company launches rocket from under plane's wingVirgin Orbit asserts its method offers maximum flexibility since the launching Boeing 747s could take off from airports anywhere.
Tracking far-right threats online ahead of Inauguration DayThousands of far-right online users have moved from mainstream social media platforms to lesser-known sites such as Parler, Signal and Telegram to continue their dialogue. Because some of these conversations are encrypted, law enforcement is facing a new challenge in tracking potential threats ahead of Inauguration Day. CBSN technology reporter Dan Patterson joins CBSN AM to discuss what he's seeing.