Steven Seagal charged with illegally touting cryptocurrencySecurities regulators says the movie actor failed to disclose payments for pitching a digital coin offering.
Facebook to prohibit deceptive ads about coronavirusSocial media platform says it'll stop companies from touting so-called cures or preventions for the deadly disease.
Millions paid to file their taxes last year — and didn't need toTax-prep companies use code to hide their free services from online searches, a federal watchdog says.
Are the older 2020 candidates more social-media savvy than their younger opponents?An article in Axios looks at how the over-70 candidates running for the Democratic nomination seem to be winning at a younger generation's game, blasting memes, videos and hashtags left and right. Axios media reporter Sarah Fisher joins CBSN to talk about the 2020 social media battleground.
Coronavirus has Amazon scrambling to fill inventories, report saysSome sellers on the platform are cutting back on online ads to make sure they don't run out of stock, New York Times says.
LAPD pursues data-driven policing despite controversyLos Angeles police are convinced big data can help fight crime, even after shutting down a program that activists said targeted minorities unfairly.
Is artificial intelligence making racial profiling worse?Cops use high-tech "predictive policing" tools to zero on on potential wrongdoing before it happens. But who pays the price?
"Mad Mike" dies from his homemade rocket"Mad Mike" Hughes died Saturday when his homemade rocket crashed near Barstow, California. Mola Lenghi reports.
"Mad" Mike Hughes dies in rocket crashHughes believed the Earth is flat, and wanted to prove it by taking pictures from a homemade rocket.
Epic, the software company that's changed the sharing of medical records (including, probably, yours)The Wisconsin company, led by one of the richest self-made women in the world, is using technology to free up doctors and make patient records more transportable
Americans turn to crowdfunding to pay medical bills1 in 5 Americans report contributing to a medical-related crowdfunding campaign for friends, family, even strangers.
Google secretly monitors millions of schoolkids: lawsuitNew Mexico AG claims the company uses its dominance in educational software to track millions of future customers.