With more working from home, our Internet undergoes a stress testThere has been a dramatic rise (as much as 50%) in online traffic on residential networks that weren't built for data-heavy two-way video conference calls
Google data tracks coronavirus lockdown movementThe internet giant's Community Mobility Reports show how social distancing has affected travel to places like supermarkets and parks.
Zoom looks to fix major security shortcomingsZoom's CEO said conferencing company will freeze certain features for 90 days to work on strengthening its security.
Amazon vows all warehouse workers will have face masks by next weekThe company is also expanding its use of temperature checks to all its facilities, after a surge of worker complaints.
Hackers target Zoom videoconference calls amid coronavirus pandemicAs millions of people are staying home during the coronavirus outbreak, videoconferencing technology has been the glue which has held the global community in contact. In recent weeks, programs like Zoom have received hundreds of millions of downloads worldwide, while also falling prey to cyberattacks. CBS News' Anna Werner and CNET senior producer Dan Patterson explain.
FBI warns of online attacks on video conference app ZoomThe FBI is issuing a warning about Zoom, telling users that they could be victims of hacking that could come with pornographic or hateful messages. As people isolate at home amid the coronavirus pandemic, video conferencing apps like Zoom are seeing their users skyrocket into the millions. Anna Werner looks into the perils that come with the app's new popularity.
Zoom CEO responds after calls hacked with slurs and pornThe popular app said its number of users has ballooned to hundreds of millions with people isolated at home under coronavirus precautions.
California facility helps make face shields for medical workersIn the race to meet the high demand for personal protective equipment, these 3D-printed face shields can serve as a lifeline for those on the frontlines battling COVID-19.
NASA offers activities on its website for kids and adultsNASA is offering some help to families who are quarantined during the coronavirus. The space agency's website has dozens of tutorials to fascinate any math, science and space lovers.
Amazon fires worker who organized warehouse walkoutNew York City mayor and New York state Attorney General say they'll investigate if the firing was retaliatory.
Marriott reveals second big data breach in two yearsMarriott said 5.2 million hotel guests may have had their personal information accessed dating back to mid-January.
Amazon warehouse workers walk out over coronavirusWorkers in Staten Island, New York, say the e-commerce giant is not doing enough to protect them from getting sick.