Facebook will let users hide off-Facebook activityUsers will be able to control Facebook Pixel and other tools the company uses to collect user data on other sites
Coming soon to Netflix: Movie trailers crafted by AIStreaming giant is investing in tech that can automate part of the trailer-making process for its massive library
More than 20 Texas local governments face ransomware attackCyberattack typically spreads through malicious links in emails and has crippled a string of cities in recent years
Proposed laws could change how consumers get smartphones repairedTwenty states are considering so-called "Right to Repair" bills to allow electronics to be fixed without jeopardizing quality or voiding warranties
Proposed laws could change how consumers get smartphones repairedTwenty states are considering so-called "Right to Repair" bills. The Federal Trade Commission is asking for public comments on whether people should be able to get their electronics fixed by a third party without voiding their warranties. CNET senior managing editor Dan Ackerman joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the new bills.
Wired: 3 years of misery inside Google after Trump's electionGoogle's reputation as one of Silicon Valley's friendliest tech companies began to shatter following President Trump's election. Wired magazine's Senior Writer Nitasha Tiku joins "CBSN AM" to discuss her September cover story, which gives an insight into the last three years of Google. She spoke to 47 current and former Google employees about several key events, including leaked emails and a bid for artificial intelligence.
CBP warns of delays as computers go downU.S. Customs and Border Protection computers experienced an outage across North America. Airports in New York and Los Angeles saw long delays as passengers were processed manually.
Funeral homes now live streaming memorial servicesRoughly 20% of funeral homes in U.S. offer an online option to grieving family and friends who can't attend the event
U.S. congressman joins international Facebook investigationAn international committee investigating disinformation and "fake news" on social media has announced its first American member, Democratic Rep. David Cicilline. CBS News investigative reporter Graham Kates joins CBSN to discuss the significance of the group's latest addition.
U.S. lawmaker joins international Facebook investigationRep. David Cicilline joins the International Grand Committee on Disinformation and "Fake News," as lawmakers from a dozen countries seek answers on election influencing
Overstock shares sink after CEO comments about "Deep State"Investors are fleeing retailer Overstock after its CEO issued a bizarre statement about the "deep state" and "men in black"
Teen tweets from LG smart fridge, goes viral15-year-old Dorothy figured out how to tweet from a Nintendo DS, a Wii and her fridge