Mother Accused Of Overdosing In Convenience Store Bathroom With Son Locked In CarA Missouri mother is accused of overdosing on fentanyl in a convenience store bathroom, leaving her 5-year-old son locked inside her car.
Apple Upgrade Blamed For Thousands Of Wasteful 911 Hang-Ups
15 Apps That Deputies Say Predators May Be Using To Target ChildrenThe arrest of 25 men for allegedly trying to have sex with children in Florida has prompted a new warning to parents.
Puppies Thrown Over Bridge Into Icy Creek Reunite After Being AdoptedA litter of puppies thrown over a bridge into an icy creek and left for dead earlier this year are now full of life and loving their new families.
10-Year-Old Boy Charged With Aggravated Assault After Hitting Classmate With DodgeballA 10-year-old Michigan boy was charged with aggravated assault last week after another boy suffered a concussion during a schoolyard game similar to dodgeball.
Yuck! Study Says 28 Percent Of Delivery Drivers Taste Your FoodSome food for thought the next time you order a meal from a delivery app. 28 percent of a delivery drivers have taken a bite out of your order, according to a new study.
'Happy Birthday Loser' Mistakenly Written On Toddler's Cake Bought At WalmartA miscommunication at a Missouri Walmart that left a little girl with a cake that read "Happy Birthday, Loser" has gone viral on social media.
Residents Form Human Chain To Protect Neighbor From ICE AgentsResidents in Hermitage, Tennessee, formed a human chain around their neighbor's van Monday to prevent Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents from taking him into custody.
Free Pads And Tampons Delivered To Women Fighting 'Period Poverty'
'Jesus Is Seven Minutes Away': Uber Driver Takes Stranded Sisters 200 Miles To Aunt's 100th Birthday PartyAn Uber driver agreed to take two sisters 200 miles to their aunt's 100th birthday party after bad weather grounded them in Madison, Wisconsin.
Motorcyclist Dies After Being Struck By Wild TurkeyA motorcyclist died Sunday after being hit by a wild turkey and then colliding with a guardrail, authorities in Oregon said.
Man Fed Up With Aggressive Panhandlers Fights BackA Florida man says he's had enough of aggressive panhandlers and is fighting back after a homeless man refused a job he offered.
Firefighters Warn Plastic Water Bottles Left In A Hot Vehicle Can Start FireAs much of the country swelters in hot and humid temperatures this summer, firefighters are warning people to not leave plastic water bottles in cars during extreme heat.
Dad Accused Of Throwing 5-Year-Son Into Ocean To Teach Him How To SwimA father who allegedly threw his 5-year-old son off a pier into the ocean to teach him how to swim was arrested, police said.
Man 'Wearing Nothing But Tennis Shoes' Tells Deputies He Took ‘Date Rape Drug'A man who was found "wearing nothing but tennis shoes" in a Kentucky parking lot Tuesday morning claimed he had taken a "date rape" drug known as GHB, authorities said.