Woman Charged With Feeding Co-Workers Meth-Laced Bean DipAn Oregon woman who allegedly fed co-workers bean dip laced with methamphetamine was suspended from her job and faces criminal charges, investigators said.
WATCH: Sheriff's Office Employee Fired After Going On Racist Rant At McDonald'sAn employee of the Chatham County Sheriff's Office was fired Wednesday morning after he was caught on video in a verbal altercation with a customer who was speaking Spanish at a McDonald's restaurant.
Woman Mistakenly Rescues Wild Bobcat Thinking It Was A Domestic KittenA Tennessee woman who thought she had rescued a sweet little kitten from the side of a road was surprised to find out it was actually a potentially dangerous wild bobcat.
School Reverses 'Zero Dating Policy' For Fifth Graders After Causing 'Alarm'An elementary school that had banned fifth grade students from dating quickly reversed policy after some parents expressed concern.
Police: Woman Walked Completely Nude Along Busy Road 'Because It's Hot'A woman who was allegedly caught walking completely nude along a Tennessee road "because it's hot" has been charged with public indecency.
'I'm Still Here': Man Gets Shocked 34 Times After Heart AttackAn Ohio man who had to be shocked 34 times to stabilize his failing heart is now sharing his near-death experience.
Teacher Carries Wheelchair Bound Student Through Rugged Terrain On Class Field TripA ten-year-old Kentucky girl who is confined to a wheelchair was planning to miss yet another field trip until a teacher stepped in.
Woman Blames Nail Salon After Almost Losing Arm To Flesh-Eating BacteriaA Tennessee woman says she almost lost her arm to flesh-eating bacteria after getting a manicure at a nail salon.
Squirrel Guides Woman To Its Injured Baby Vulnerable To Cat AttackA Virginia woman says she was stopped in her tracks by a squirrel that needed help protecting its injured baby squirrel from a nearby cat threatening to attack.
Police Department Seeks 'Purrrrfect Name' For Adorable 'Pawofficer' Kitten RecruitAn Arkansas police department that has recruited a rescue kitten says it needs the public's help to "pick the purrrrfect name" for the "little guy."
Woman Arrested After Allegedly Threatening To 'Shoot 400 People For Fun'An Oklahoma Woman was taken into custody Sunday after allegedly threatening to "shoot 400 people for fun," possibly at her former high school, according to deputies.
Cheerleading Squad On Probation After Trump 2020 Banner Displayed Before GameA North Carolina cheerleading team was placed on probation Monday after posing for a picture in front of a Trump 2020 re-election banner at a football game.
Survey: Majority Of Americans Working 50+ Hours Per Week Feel 'Overworked'Three in five Americans who log 50 to 59 hours per week feel overworked, according to a new study from Sleep Junkie provided exclusively to Yahoo Finance.
Woman Who Lost $20,000 To Social Security Scam Now Warning OthersAn Ohio mom of three school-aged children who lost $20,000 to a Social Security scam is sharing her story to warn others.
Mother Says Daycare Fed Her Infant Son Another Woman's Breast MilkA concerned mother says she took her baby out of a suburban St. Louis daycare after she saw him drink another woman's breast milk.