(WTIC-AM) — The mother of a teenager who died in a skateboarding accident today pleaded with state lawmakers to require children under the age of 15 to wear head gear while skateboarding, roller skating, or in-line skating.

Ledyard resident Holly Irwin says her 14-year-old son was not wearing a helmet when he fell near home in 2016.

“The phone rang.  It had been about six minutes since the boys headed over to the other street.  I said hello, and Conor’s friends voice said ‘Conor fell, and he is unresponsive.’ I ran out the door in a sprint, in my socks,” Irwin said.

She describing finding her son in the street, and trying to talk to him as he bled from his head.

“‘I love you buddy, its Momma.’  He came to, leaned up, and garbled Momma,” Irwin said. “His speech was already gone, and I knew it was bad.  I threw myself under him, so he would not do any more damage to his head.  The nightmare that I live every day had started at that moment.”

Irwin’s son died ten days later.

“I asked the neurosurgeon would he live for sure if he had a helmet, and the nueurosurgeon’s eyes teared up,  and he looked at my son, and he nodded yes,” Irwin said. “That was the day that I began blaming myself for my son’s death.”

Irwin says if there had been a law requiring a helmet while skateboarding, she would have ensured her son had the protective gear.


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