HARTFORD, Conn. (WTIC Radio) – Hartford Democratic Mayor Luke Bronin has written state leaders, asking them to remove the National Rifle Association from the pistol permitting process in Connecticut.

The NRA is mentioned in state law as one of the organizations that permit-seekers can go to, for a required gun safety course to obtain a permit. But Bronin, who’s exploring a run for governor, says the NRA’s opposition to tougher gun-control laws make it unworthy for the role.

“The NRA, today, tries to cloak itself in the mantle of responsible gun ownership, but really they’re just lobbyists for the gun industry,” Bronin said at a city hall news conference Monday, standing next to a poster of the state law he wants changed.

Howver, Scott Wilson, who heads the Connecticut Citizens Defense League, insists gun safety is enhanced by the NRA being part of the permitting process. “The National Rifle Association set the standard for training law enforcement officers. They set the training standard for children to safely use firearms,” Wilson said.


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