Today’s show opened with a woman who wanted advice about calming a 13-year-old Cocker spaniel. Other calls included a woman wanting suggestions for food appropriate for a cat with allergies, a Fidelco Guide dog rejected from the program adopted as a pet who behaves wildly when people come to the door. Laurie suggested that a German Shepherd who barks and nips people when they leave practice sit-stay as a solution. Another caller with 3 German shepherds was concerned about one of his dog’s behavior after spay surgery, and where another one of his dogs should sleep. A dog walker was having trouble with a Golden retriever who would grab and tug the leash when outside. A woman called to share an alternative therapy that worked well for her cat with allergies. The show ended wit a very disgruntled man who claimed his Dogo Argentino was biting and out of control.


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