(CBS Connecticut) — A national group trying to elect presidents by popular vote today urged Connecticut lawmakers to sign on to the idea.

Making Every Vote Count Board Member James Glassman says the popular vote would give presidential candidates an incentive to visit states like Connecticut, that are currently taken for granted.

“You’re going to find candidates campaigning across this entire country,” Glassman said. “It’s kind of sad, but that is going to be a big change.

“I think you will have much more engagement by the population throughout the country,” Glassman said.

Glassman says ten states and Washington, DC have already approved legislation that would give their electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote.

Those laws would only take effect if states representing more than half of the electoral votes sign on to the system.

If states representing 270 electoral votes award their votes to the winner of the national popular vote, that candidate would win the election.

Under the existing electoral college system, most states give all of their electoral vote to the winner of the state’s popular vote.

But states have the authority to alter the way in which they dole out their electoral votes.

Under the current electoral college system, once a candidate has a comfortable majority of votes in a state, he or she has no reason to pay any more attention to that state.

Republicans have benefited from the electoral college in 2000 and 2016.  Presidents George W. Bush and Donald Trump won the electoral college, despite winning the popular vote.


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