(CBS Connecticut) — A group of state lawmakers today announced plans to push for a bill to ensure that felony charges are filed, in cases of bestiality.

Representative Diana Urban says people convicted of felony animal cruelty should be prohibited from wiping their records clean through accelerated rehabilitation programs.

“If somebody sexually assaults the family dog, and it is considered under our law a misdemeanor, that is absurd,” Urban said.

Urban says when a person is convicted of violence to animals, it should be considered a red flag that the same person could harm people.

Representative Brenda Kupchick wants to set a legal requirement for owners to give shelter to dogs in extremely hot or cold weather.

Kupchick says there have been disturbing situations recently.

“For example, we have a Hartford situation where a dog was starved and froze to death in a dog house. Left out side to just die like it was nothing,” Kupchick said.


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