Demand for Graphics Processing Units, which are used in cryptocurrency “mining,” is hampering scientific research. After allegedly draining user accounts, digital “bank” Coinbase is offering. Over 120,000 FedEx customer’s data leaked from Amazon “cloud” service. SpaceX set to launch Internet Broadband satellites on February 18. A listener works at getting an HP Officejet printer to print wirelessly after a printer update. A listener with a new MacBook Air wants to get sending e-mail and wireless service from Cox Internet to work properly. We discuss the uses of Malwarebytes Ant-Malware, incognito mode, and OpenDNS service, and system backup software in order to surf the web more safely. A listener gets help and advice with a failing hard drive that is not recognized by Windows. We recommend the use of a professional, paid data recovery service such as Kroll Ontrack (see link on our website) in this situation. A different listener with Windows Live Mail online storage service suddenly has all his on-line e-mail disappear; we offer some suggestions on how to recover messages.

What it means when you cannot “safely disconnect” a USB hard drive from your computer due to a file that is in use by Windows; and what to do when this happens. A caller wants to play music from her Chromebook laptop in her car, we explain how to do so. A listener seeks recommendations for a 2-in-one “convertible” laptop/tablet computer, and a “port replicator” device to connect multiple monitors. We like the HP Elite x2 as a convertible, with the addition of a port replicator to connect additional monitors if needed. A laptop user with Cox e-mail set up on a POP server ends up having e-mail deleted from his laptop, and looks for a way to stop deletion from happening. A Firefox user wants to block advertisements using Adblock Plus, we provide a link to the extension on our website. We help a user with a potential web browser hijack use Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware to help find the problem, as well as try to determine why a mysterious “G” drive is appearing. A listener with an Apple iPad mini wonders if the OpenDNS service can be used with Apple devices in order to surf the web more safely. A business user is receiving forwarded spam to his e-mail address; we think the e-mail password may have been compromised and e-mail passwords need changing. As well, the safety of Russian based Kaspersky anti-virus is called into question out of security concerns. Finally, mysterious retina recognition software seems to have appeared on a gaming laptop.


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