(Hartford, Conn./CBS Connecticut) – The flu continues it’s march across the state.

There’ve been 20 more deaths related to the flu in the last week.

That puts the number at 52 deaths for the season attributed to the virus in Connecticut.

Over 11-hundred had been hospitalized in the last five months.

The vast majority of the deaths–41–were from the H3N2 strain.

Forty-four of the deaths were among patients aged 65 and older.

in addition, the state Department of Public Health says hospital emergency room visits are up slightly more than 12-percent, among the highest in recent years.

DPH Commissioner Dr. Raul Pino says while they’ve heard of shortages of rapid flu tests, hospitals have other means in which to test patients.

And Pino implores those who still haven’t received a flu shot to do so.


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