Erik and Bob Shorey are joined by special guest Bob Serio from Perfect Vision and Sound to discuss the latest in home theater and automation technology. Bob Serio demystifies the latest trends OLED and 4K television, and information about “cutting the cord” with your cable provider. A listener would like a recommendation on a good “digital” antenna. Another listener would like to know if a fully integrated home theater system such as Crestron pyng is better than a system purchased piecemeal, plus information on the better speaker systems to purchase, and integration with lighting and pool control systems. Plus, advice on the best soundbars to use with your television.

The home theater and automation questions continue as we discuss the uses of smart thermostats. Plus, computer questions are tackled as well with a listener dealing with Photoshop Elements repeatedly crashing. Bob answers questions about NVR and DVR video surveillance systems and gives advice on recommended systems. A listener wonders how to access a computer of a relative who has passed away. Dealing with monitor that will not “wake up” after the computer goes to sleep. Fixing wireless printing problems with an HP Officejet printer.


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