Erik and Bob take your computer questions, and discuss President Trump’s Twitter account, which was temporarily deleted on an employee’s last day of work. Meanwhile, Sen. Blumenthal asks about fake ads on Twitter and Facebook in the Russia probe.

Google Docs users get temporarily locked out, and Electric car maker Tesla can’t ramp up Model 3 production until 2018.

A listener asks if it’s safe to connect a budgeting app to their bank account information, another  wants to open up documents in Office 2010 instead of Office 2013 when both programs are installed on the computer, and we explain how to troubleshoot wireless printers that appear offline and will not print.

Get more advice on how to use a wired USB connection if you cannot print wirelessly, plus, troubleshooting Comcast Xfinity connection issues and doing an Internet speed test to check your connection speed.

CNET does a teardown on the brand new iPhone X and publishes their results. A listener wants to find a missing Realtek Audio Manager program on his computer. And can you use another model printer cartridge than the one recommended in your printer?

Learn how to troubleshoot slow printing problems by updating printer drivers, and find out if so-called “managed services” where a company automatically sends printer ink when you run out are worth the price.


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