Erik and Bob answer your computer questions while taking a trip down memory lane with an old “Website of the Week” from the 1990s– “Dumb Laws”– a website which deals with quirky laws still on the books.

A “KRACK” flaw in wireless WPA2 security leaves wireless networks vulnerable to hacking, and an Artificial Intelligence robot criticizes Elon Musk for his views on AI.

We troubleshoot a crackling noise from a Samsung Galaxy tablet, problems sending e-mail from a browser on a laptop computer, and Erik explains the difference between a wireless router and a wireless access point while helping a listener configure his wireless network. Erik and Bob help a listener with wireless printing issues set the printer “IP address” manually.

More on troubleshooting wireless printing issues, finding a workable alternative to Windows Live Maile-mail client for Windows 7 after a System Restore, and getting Google Chromecast to connect to a television.

We help a listener who is unable to surf the Internet using the Firefox web browser, and who is having problems updating Windows Defender. Learn how to set up OpenDNS for more secure web surfing and to fix some Internet connection problems, and how to fix when Windows logs you into a “temporary” profile in Windows 7.


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