(Hartford, Conn./CBS Connecticut) – Governor Dannel Malloy has unveiled yet another proposed state budget, one he says is a “lean, no-frills, no nonsense” package.

Malloy released the proposal this morning as legislative leaders continue their meetings in trying to end the stalemate that has dragged on for over four months.

The latest rendition of a gubernatorial spending plan does not raise taxes, cuts additional spending and streamlines implementer language dealing with only structural changes that are needed to implement the two-year package.

Among the tax increase proposals Malloy is asking lawmakers to get rid of: new taxes on second homes, cell phone surcharges, ridesharing fees, and daily fantasy sports.

Malloy is also calling for about $150 million in additional spending cuts.

The proposal also updates the ECS formula focusing on those school districts that are most in need, a gradual phase-in to ease the burden on cities and town.


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