(CBS Connecticut) — Outside the state capitol today, demonstrators organized by unions urged the governor to follow through on his statements and veto the Republican budget.

They chanted “Veto! Veto!” and held signs describing the proposal as toxic.

AFSCME local president Mark Krauchik represents custodians in the Seymour school system.

“The Republican budget that just got passed is disgraceful and disgusting,” Krauchik said to cheers.  “It recklessly damages our schools and universities.”

Other speakers say the proposal makes it harder for middle class people to get an education or a good job.

But Republicans say their budget helps working people, by requiring less of a tax burden than a rival Democratic budget did.

Republican General Assembly leaders are expected to meet with the Democratic governor to for more budget negotiations tomorrow.

The budget bill passed each house of the general assembly with the full support of Republican lawmakers, plus a handful of Democrats.


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