(CBS Connecticut) — Governor Dannel Malloy today said the state will probably not have a budget in time to distribute education funding to towns on October 1.

“It is an important date which we are highly unlikely to hit,” Malloy said. “Every day that we don’t have a workable budget is a failure.”

The lack of a budget at the start of the month would trigger cuts in local education funding that the governor ordered as part of his stopgap spending plan.

The governor’s cuts hit wealthier, higher-performing districts harder.

Connecticut Council of Small Towns Director Betsy Gara says the grant cuts could trigger teacher layoffs plus cuts in sports and other programs.

“Come October first, for residents, property tax payers, boards of education, municipal leaders, it is going to be a giant wake-up call,” Gara said.

Meanwhile, Malloy slammed a Republican budget proposal that passed the General Assembly last week. The governor says the GOP plan takes too much money from poorer, lower-performing school districts.

Malloy says he plans to veto the bill.

Noting that it’s the only budget that’s cleared the legislature this year, Senate Republican leader Len Fasano says governor Malloy should not veto the tax and spending plan crafted by the GOP.

“The governor should sign it. This is the only budget in play. Certainly we will talk about issues if they want to have conversations,” Fasano said.

For the Education Cost Sharing Grant, the Democratic governor’s stopgap spending plan is more generous to low-income, low-performing districts.  They include cities that tend to vote Democratic.  The Republican plan is more beneficial to more affluent communities. Many of them tend to vote Republican.


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