(CBS Connecticut) – The American Athletic Conference has announced a rescheduled date for the game between UConn and  USF that was not played last week in advance of Hurricane Irma.

The game will be played Saturday, Nov. 4, at Pratt & Whitney Stadium in East Hartford. To accommodate the rescheduled date, games involving three other American Athletic Conference teams have been adjusted as well.

The changes to the 2017 schedule for each team are as follows:

UConn will host ECU Sunday, Sept. 24 (replacing an open date) and will host USF Saturday, Nov. 4 (replacing the original date of the ECU game). The game will be played on a Sunday due to the unavailability of Pratt & Whitney Stadium on Saturday.

USF will host Cincinnati Saturday, Oct. 14 (replacing a previously scheduled game against Massachusetts), will host Houston Saturday, Oct. 28 (replacing the original game against Cincinnati), and will play at UConn Saturday, Nov. 4 (replacing the original game against Houston).

ECU will visit UConn Sunday, Sept. 24 (replacing an open date), will have an open date Saturday, Oct. 28 (replacing a game against Houston), and will play at Houston Saturday, Nov. 4 (replacing the previously scheduled game against UConn).

Cincinnati will play at USF Saturday, Oct. 14 and will have its open date Oct. 28 (replacing an Oct. 14 open date and the game at USF Oct. 28).

Houston will play at USF Saturday, Oct. 28 (instead of Nov. 4) and will host ECU Saturday, Nov. 4 (instead of Oct. 28).

Tickets purchased for the original UConn-East Carolina game will be honored on September 24 and tickets for the original UConn-USF game will now be honored on November 4. Additional ticket information regarding exchanges or any other transactions will be available via UConnHuskies.com and other UConn Huskies social media outlets.

The American is continuing its efforts to reschedule the game between Memphis and UCF, which also was not played due to Hurricane Irma.


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