HARTFORD, Conn. (CBS Connecticut) – Hartford police are planning their largest crackdown ever on underage drinking at tonight’s Florida Georgia Line concert, with more than ninety police officers planned to be on patrol at the Xfinity Theatre.

Deputy Police Chief Brian Foley says some shows have a track record for trouble. “We know what a party concert is. Chance the Rapper is a party concert, Florida Georgia Line is a party concert. You look at the age group, and you look at what’s happened historically with their concerts, and look what happens in other venues with their concerts,” he said. “We’re hoping to end the stigma that this concert venue is a place where kids from the suburbs can come here and just rage, and have a straight out partying kegger out there. No.”

Venue operator Live Nation is cooperating with police efforts to reduce drinking by young people, even hiring a garbage truck that will allow authorities to immediately dispose of any alcohol they confiscate.

Foley also shared a warning for parents to be aware of underage drinking. “To the parents that have teenagers coming in here to Hartford, and expect them to come here and make good decisions, do not expect that. This is a an environment that is ripe for a teenager to make a poor decision, there’s alcohol everywhere.”


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