(New Haven, Conn./CBS Connecticut) – As legislative leaders and the governor work toward hammering out a budget agreement, CCM–the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities–has released a letter to state lawmakers urging them to consider a bipartisan collection of proposals outlined earlier this year among member towns and cities.

There are three areas of concern, according to executive director Joe DeLong: cost containment, service sharing, and revenue diversification.

DeLong says when it comes to the latter, there’s too much reliance on property taxes.

He says municipalities are holding their collective breath as the process lurches toward a conclusion.

DeLong says he can’t say if a deal can be reached by the June 7 General Assembly adjournment but says lawmakers should just pass a budget in order to meet that deadline.

He says there’s too much reliance on the property tax and mandates at the state level are hampering efforts to reign it in.


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