(CBS Connecticut) — More than 80 Hartford Public School system jobs would be eliminated, under a proposed budget presented by Hartford’s new superintendent of schools.

The move saves the school district almost $5-million.

Thirty teacher positions would be eliminated, along with paraprofessionals, instructional coaches, program facilitators, and 23 central services staff.

Last year’s budget eliminated more than 200 Hartford education positions.

School officials say they are trying to close a $26-million budget gap.

The school system says it would have to come up with almost $18-million more, if the General Assembly approves the governor’s proposal to shift teacher retirement costs onto cities and towns.

Hartford school leaders say their finances are hurt by city and state fiscal crises, eight years of flat educational funding, and the effects of the Sheff Versus O’Neill school integration settlement.

The proposal would have to be approved by the city’s board of education to take effect.


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