by Rob Joyce

When you think of “baseball food” you think hot dogs, popcorn and peanuts, among others. But in recent years ballparks across America have taken a liking to new and unusual edible creations, and more calories the better (at least it appears).

From the east coast, down south, and all the way out west, crazy foods are popping up everywhere. Here are the best creations coming your way in 2017:

Brisket Mac & Cheese Grilled Cheese (Guaranteed Rate Field):

The White Sox aren’t necessarily introducing a new take on this food item – brisket has been mixed with mac and cheese by some in the past. There’s just an absurd amount of food. Sixteen inches of it, to be exact. Oh, and did we mention it’s topped with a giant stack of onion rings? In case you needed a side.

Chicken Funnel Cake Sandwich (Chase Field):

Chicken with some garlic cheddar on a funnel cake sounds interesting enough. But add some strawberry jam and maple syrup to that sandwich? Suddenly you have a lot of different flavors, all mixed together. It’s one of a number of unusual creations coming at a Diamondbacks game near you, including a $25 chicken enchilada hot dog.

Italian Roast Pork Stak (Citizens Bank Park):

Go for the baseball, stay for a pork roast? The Phillies are piling that, alongside Provolone cheese sauce, cherry pepper aioli and roasted long hots (for those unfamiliar, it’s a pepper) on a mound of fries.

Lobster Poutine Stak (Fenway Park):

Seafood at a baseball game seems… sketchy… but if they’re going to get away with it anywhere, it’d be Boston. It’s a pile of fries smothered with lobster meat, poutine (with bisque instead of gravy), cheese curds and chives. It’s the signature item of an array of seafood options when fans make their way to Fenway.

MVT (Globe Life Park):

Short for “Most Valuable Tamale”, the Rangers are introducing quite the item: a two-foot tamale filled with the famous Boomstick hot dog that’s been famous in Arlington since 2012. It’s topped with a heaping pile of nacho cheese, sour cream and, of course, a little Texas chili. For $27 this diet-shattering meal is all yours!

Pulled Pork Patty Melt (Kauffman Stadium):

It’s perhaps the most unusual combination we’ve seen. Two funnel cakes, in all of its powdered sugar glory, act as the bun for a pile of barbeque pulled pork, fried onion strips, cheese, bacon and a jalapeno popper. Also of note, the Royals are introducing a hot dog with sausage gravy, bacon, cheese and a fried egg on top.


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