(CBS Connecticut) — Defense lawyers are using DNA evidence to seek a new trial for a man who was convicted of murdering one Hartford woman — and suspected of killing four other women.

Defense DNA tests using new technology show that someone other that convicted murderer Alfred Swinton left their D-N-A in bite marks on the victim’s body.

A dentist has also recanted trial testimony, in which he claimed to have matched the bite marks to Swinton’s teeth.

At trial in 2001, Swinton was represented by attorney Norm Pattis.

“It would take more than an expert to see Mr. Swinton’s dentition in those bite marks, it would take someone with a diving rod,” Pattis said.

One of the current defense lawyers working with the Innocence Project to represent Swinton says they are in talks with the states attorney’s office about the case.

Swinton has said he is innocent of the 1991 killing of Carla Terry.


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