(CBS Connecticut) — A judge today issued a sentence of 20 months behind bars in a crash that killed a teacher in the RHAM Middle School parking lot.

On March 14, 2014 outside RHAM in Hebron, Elizabeth Everett backed out of a one-way school bus zone, and struck a math teacher walking to the building.

The defense argued that the school’s traffic pattern was designed for disaster.

The defense says the 53-year-old Everett struggles with guilt and sadness because of the death of such a wonderful woman.

Dawn Mallory died from her injuries after the crash.

Mallory’s son Eric Bushor told the court that he would give anything to have time with his mother back.

He said he shared a love of sports with his mother, and had priceless experiences going to Fenway Park or Gillette Stadium.

When she stood to address the court, Everett turned and spoke directly to the family of the woman she struck.

Everett said she is sorry.  She said she hoped the victim’s family can someday forgive her.


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