By Ray Dunaway

An observation attributed to Winston Churchill (dead white male, so you may disregard if you choose. And there is doubt that attribution should go to Churchill anyway- it may have been someone else- so never mind):

“If a man is not a socialist by age 20, he has no heart. Any man who is still a socialist at 40 has no head”

Anyway, a recent survey found that 58 percent of those aged 18-24 have a favorable view of socialism, which according to the above saying would be understandable.

But how exactly has Marx lite worked out? Let’s see….

Mao’s China.

Stalin’s Russia.

Pol Pot’s Cambodia.

Castro’s Cuba.

And most recently, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

While the decline in oil prices has perhaps played a role in the decline, I suspect there may be a more fundamental problem. But never mind.

Certainly the major news outlets have turned away so as to devote more airtime Donald Trump’s “women issues”.

And there are other issues far more pressing:

“Climate Change” or “Disruption” or the longtime favorite, Anthropogenic GLOBAL WARMING.

And since the predictions of death and destruction unless humanity gets right with Gaia have failed to measure up to expectations, the Warmists and Rent-seekers are finding it necessary to tweak the narrative.

There you go!

Problem solved.


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