By Ray Dunaway

Are the media types in the bag for Hillary! Or what?

Honestly, I didn’t watch the first night of the RNC Convention in Cleveland last night, and apparently, neither did the great minds reporting either. I fired up Amazon Prime and streamed “Love and Mercy”, a somewhat disjointed attempt to chronicle the life of a certified genius, Brian Wilson. I say disjointed because the film cuts back and forth between the young Brian Wilson, and the mature singer/songwriter/producer. Perhaps the director used the technique to enable the viewer to imagine the workings of Wilson’s mind during his substance abuse days. If so, it worked! Nevertheless, it’s worth watching, and underscores the unique talents of the driving force behind the Beach Boys multi-decade success.

As for the convention, the evening’s theme was “Make America Safe Again”, and so, most of the speakers spoke to that topic. Mayor Rudy Giuliani offered a passionate testimonial as to how America under Barrack Obama has been attacked repeatedly by the “JV” (or at the very least, sick individuals acting on their behalf).

Later, the mother of Sean Smith, who died due to neglect at Benghazi, indicted SOS Clinton for her lack of immediate response to the attack, and later falsely attributed the assault to some YouTube video. And as Pat Smith watched her son’s casket return to the U.S., Secretary Clinton promised that the film maker would be soundly punished for his sins (even though Clinton knew the real truth, inconvenient as it was).

This, as one might expect, set off a firestorm of criticism from the great minds populating the media. Chris Matthews was clearly not feeling the old “Obama Tingle”, opining that Mrs. Smith’s charges against Clinton were “untrue”, and besides, she should keep her feelings to herself.

It will be interesting to see how little Chrissy reacts next Tuesday when the Democrats convene in Philly.

See the schedule of events here.

Think the media types will be equally outraged, and charge the DNC programmers  for cynically using grieving mothers to solidify their support from the BLM crowd? And will they charge Lezley McSpadden with falsehoods as well?

You know, “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!”


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