Casey Stengel, manager of the awful 1962 New York Mets, was quoted as asking after yet another loss in a season that ended with the Metropolitans amassing a record of 40-120:

“Can’t anybody here play this game?”

As the story of the Orlando nightclub shooting develops, I find myself asking a similar question:

“Does anybody here pay attention to anything?”

Following  the murder of 49 in a LGBT nightclub in Orlando,  the great minds of our time desperately sought an answer as to why Omar Mateen would do such a thing.

The New York Daily News blasted the NRA on its front page.

One- trick- ponies Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal pointed out the need for comprehensive gun laws.

Were Fred Phelps and his merry band of followers from Westboro Baptist “Church” the inspiration?

Well…no. Good old Fred (chair of Kansans for Gore in 1988) died several years ago.

But ACLU staff attorney Chase Strangio gave it a shot anyway.

Nice try, Chase!

And then, there was the President himself, who pinned the blame on- who else?- us.

Perhaps his royal Hope-and Change needs to at least consider that there might be other nations and faiths that might need a bit of introspection as well….

Like these guys.

And just how is Sharia playing out on the Islamic State’s home turf?

Definitely a win-win.

So how does one combat people living in the age of the internet and cellphones who use those tools to spread their 8th- century social policies?

Simple…let’s all hold hands and sing “Imagine”.

It’s easy if you try.

And probably suicidal as well.