By Ray Dunaway

Quite a Thursday yesterday.

It began with Mitt Romney eviscerating “The Donald”. On the way home, Jim V. joined the former Presidential candidate’s character, and questionable policies- but who cares?  He’s going to make America great again!  Exactly how is unclear, but he’ll play it by ear, as he usually does.

The attack led Trump to detour to Maine, where before an adoring crowd, he defended his manhood, and deftly disemboweled Romney.  Did I say “deftly”?  I suppose that would be a proper adjective if “deftly” describes brain surgery performed with a chain saw.  Donald doesn’t do “deft”.

And then during last night’s debate, he once again assured his supporters that there’s nothing wrong with his “stuff” (he seems to be somewhat bothered by such criticism, but to be fair.. Rubio started it.).  But honestly, this is what passes for a major policy issue?

I mean, is this Lincoln-Douglas pas deux?  Hardly.  I’m beginning to think that Trump is in the race merely to destroy the Republican Party by bringing every other candidate down to his level.  Endless insults and vague policy promises.

As the election season began (actually, it never ends) the Republicans had a seemingly limitless number of candidates, many of whom would have managed to keep IT specialist HRC away from the office she considers her birthright.  “Why should you vote for me? Because…. I’m me!”  What more do you need?

Last night in the Motor City, he shared the stage with three other candidates, and made them all look bad.  Though one participant did manage at times to shine, despite the tawdry nature of the affair.  I’m referring to this guy.

Cruz is Intelligent, coherent, and has a grasp of the issues.  But in the age of Kardashian, he doesn’t stand a chance.

Nor do we.


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