Well, here we go again….another game with the Arch Rival in Notre Dame…They too have an impressive streak of 5 straight Final Fours..and in 4 of those years, they’ve played for the National Championship. Just one thing missing, another Banner to hang in Purcell Pavilion…And when they visit Storrs Tomorrow, they’ll be staring at the last three Banners which the Huskies won at the Irish’s expense..There is a video on YouTube.com from last season’s National Championship Game from one of the local South Bend TV stations and post game reaction from N.D…To say they were quite bitter afterwards would be an understatement..Michalea Mabrey and Hannah Hoffman especially, who have now seen the other end of the spectrum after the Irish beat UConn 7 of 8 times from the 2011 Final Four to the 2013 Big East Final.

And with the Irish coming to Storrs shorthanded with forward Brianna Turner out and Taya Reimer questionable, Notre Dame will have a tough time with the balanced and deeper Huskies. Having said that, they are a gritty, gutty bunch who have jumped on the back of Madison Cable and remained undefeated to this point…Cable is a 5-10, Grad student who is the glue of the Irish..She’s #4 in 3-pt percentage at 58% thru 7 games..Yep, that’s impressive..Coming off a double-double in a three point home win over Ohio State Wednesday…They have one of the top point guards in Lindsay Allen, who’s averaging 5 assists per game. And again, have a couple of impressive freshmen in Arike Ogunbowle and Marina Mabrey..Michela’s little sister…In the last week after Turner’s injury, the Irish beat UCLA in OT and then, the victory over the Buckeyes..

As for the Home Team, they got a great challenge from a VERY deep DePaul team. But the conditioning of UConn was front and center in the 16 point win. If the Blue Demons show that grit and determination throughout the season, they’ll go a long way…Keep an eye on next Wednesday’s DePaul game at Notre Dame. Doug Bruno likes the makeup of his team and thinks the WBB field is as deep as ever to make the Final Four..He’s got the Huskies locked in…but the other three sports are up for grabs….We’ll see.

If you are headed to Storrs tomorrow, PLEASE wear White and support the White-OUT ! For whatever reason, UConn fans haven’t fully grasped that concept just yet…But most importantly, have fun at the game…and maybe wish the Irish Head Coach a Happy Birthday…It would actually be a hoot if the crowd sang her Happy Birthday…don’t you ??


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