By Ray Dunaway

They’re not insane; You and I are
In an oft-repeated quote (the origin is uncertain, but let’s attribute it to Mr. Spock) it’s observed that “in an insane world, a sane man must appear insane”.
And by that definition, there’s a lot of “sane” out there.
Yesterday, the State Department’s “valley girrrrl” spokesperson fired up the vocal fry and brought on the crazy…I mean sane.
When asked about the deteriorating situation in Yemen, once heralded by the administration as a rousing success in the fight against terror had this response.
Obviously true, in the alternate universe.
In a discussion in the aftermath of Bowe Bergdahl’s being charged with desertion, the reality-community based anchor on CNN offered this reaction.
Sure, the Sgt. disappeared, and 6 members of his unit died searching for him, fearing he had been captured by the enemy, and the 5 Guantanamo detainees exchanged for his return are reportedly back in action, and Bergdahl was promoted and awarded over a hundred grand in back pay, but he shouldn’t be tried since his years with the Taliban punished him enough.
And the NYT is concerned for Bergdahl’s future as well:
Forget about a conviction and prison term…just a dishonorable discharge would be bad enough. Let’s face it, he’s a hot item on the job market.
And then there’s MSNBC’s assessment of Senator Ted Cruz’s post- 9/11 conversion to country music”
If any of the above bring about a sense of incredulity, please…..
Seek professional help immediately.