By Ray Dunaway

Rosa DeLauro is nothing if not original. In the wake of the NIH’s somewhat confused reaction to the recent Ebola event in Dallas, the 3rd District representative called for (what else?) more funding for the agency, even though Anthony Fauci, an NIH executive admitted on “Meet the Press” that funding cuts wouldn’t have prevented the development of some sort of vaccine to prevent the disease.

Of course that’s Rep. DeLauro’s response for just about any challenge.

She is, if nothing else, consistent.

Naturally, Democrats produced an ad blaming Republicans for the outbreak, charging that the National Institute of Health was hamstrung by those cuts. In response, The Washington Post rated the ad worthy of 4 “Pinnochios”, a prestigious award for excellence in literary fiction.

I’ve listed before the vital work done by the NIH and other federal agencies. And now, we may add to the list, courtesy of Senator James Colburn of Oklahoma, who releases an annual report on government excess and misspending known as the “Wastebook”.

Here’s a link to last year’s report.

You’d think funding for many of these vital projects could have been transferred over to the NIH so as to spend some bucks on Ebola research.

Then again, an argument could be made that times are so tight, what with all the sequestering and cutting by those darn child- hating, elder- abusing, poor- starving Republicans, that there’s not a dime to be squeezed out of anyplace in the Federal government. Well, not exactly...

Naturally, the left will reply, “Well, the report may be from the Government Accountabilty Office, but the link is to FAUX news!!!”

So let’s play “blame the messenger” and ignore the report.

And did I mention the NIH needs more money?