Fletcher, Vt. (CBS CONNECTICUT) — A father and two sons in Vermont were all arrested for separate DUIs as a result of only a single-car crash as two members of the Woodward family were three times the legal limit, according to Vermont State Police.

The three members of the Woodward family — Nicholas, 19, Joshua, 22 and father Brian, 46 — were all arrested on the same day for showing up at staggered times while driving under the influence to the same original crash scene near Metcalf Pond Road on Saturday, the Burlington Free Press reports. The series of same-family DUI charges all occurred as each individual came to check on the previous person’s arrest along Cambridge Road.

According to state police, the Woodward family’s day of DUIs began when a Vermont Fish and Wildlife Game Warden found a single-car rollover crash around 7:50 p.m. Police brought to the scene determined that Joshua Woodward was the driver and his alcohol level was about three times the legal limit from the preliminary roadside breath test.

Shortly after Joshua’s crash, his younger brother Nicholas drove up to the scene to check on him and exited, allowing his father Brian, to slide over from the truck’s passenger seat to the driver’s seat and drive the vehicle closer to the wreck.

At that time, the game warden recognized that Brian Woodward was impaired and ordered him to stop and exit the vehicle right next to the scene of the original wreck. A preliminary breath sample found that Brian’s alcohol level was about three times the legal limit and that his odor was that of intoxicants.

As troopers were arresting his father, Nicholas was then observed drinking intoxicating beverages, according to police. Nicholas’ roadside tests and preliminary breath tests confirmed impairment and he was also arrested and sent to the St. Albans state police barracks for processing alongside his father.

Nicholas was cited for his second DUI in two weeks and his brother Joshua also received his second offense for a DUI in addition to facing a count of driving with a suspended license.

Vermont State Police used the Woodward family’s day of DUIs to alert the public to drink responsibly during the summer months.

Trooper Richard Stepien told the Burlington Free Press that the series of incidents “started out with a wonderful day out fishing on the waterways, but took an ugly turn after making some irresponsible decisions which ended up poorly. Based upon this incident, it can be learned that irresponsible decisions may lead to totaling a vehicle, minor to fatal injuries, tow bills, and criminal charges filed for the parties involved.”

Stepien added, that “fortunately no one else was injured in this case. Please drink responsibly and remember to have a designated driver take you home after consuming alcoholic beverages.”

Benjamin Fearnow