By Ray Dunaway

The fun police are everywhere.

And want to control anything and everything you enjoy.

And…..they’re wrong more often than not

You may remember Morgan Spurlock’s film, Supersize This!,  inspired by a class action lawsuit filed in New York on behalf of a group of children who ate at the Golden Arches at least once a day. The claim was that a steady diet of Quarter Pounders, Big Macs, McNuggets and fries had caused them to become obese, and subsequently to become hypertensive, and diabetic.

Spurlock wanted to demonstrate how this was entirely plausible. And so, for a month, he ate nothing but items offered on the McDonald’s menu, and documented on film how the diet had caused his health to deteriorate. He gained weight, his cholesterol levels soared, and over the 30 days, his health clearly deteriorated.

In an effort to disprove Spurlock’s claim, a number of investigators attempted to duplicate his findings.

Angela Dias told of an Iowa science teacher, John Sisna who decided to test Spurlock’s claims.  For 90 days, Mr. Sisna ate breakfast, lunch and dinner with Ronald McDonald. And during that time, he dropped 37 pounds.

How can this be?

It’s simple. Spurlock scarfed down 5000 calories a day. Sisna carefully selected the diet items by paying attention to the nutrition information available from the company. Most days, he took in roughly 1800-2000 calories.

He did have a small bag of fries at dinner.

The point is; if one stuffs 5000 calories a day down his gullet, he’s going to eventually pay. 5000 calories is 5000 calories, whether they’re coming from “Mac’s Steak House” or Whole Foods.

But Whole Foods is cool.

Mcdonald’s is so…well…proletarian.

And that’s the real story here, isn’t it?

Tomorrow; “Say goodbye to fireworks displays”.


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