By Ray Dunaway

Here’s what’s coming up this morning with Ray Dunaway.

6:20- Jill Schlesinger, CFP® CBS News Business Analyst CBS Money Watch is here to share the Money Week Ahead 06-29-14: When will Americans get a Raise?

7:20- John W. (Jack) Betkoski, PURA Vice-Chairman is on with Ray.  Betkoski was the lead commissioner on the tree trimming case, and will discuss the record of that proceeding, as well as the AT&T/Frontier case.

8:20- Peter Ferrara is the American Civil Right Union Policy Senior Fellow.  The ACRU recently said: Court Gets It Mostly Right in NLRB Case 9-0 Ruling Says President Cannot Make “Recess Appointments” When Senate Is Not in Recess.

8:50- General Hammond who is the Executive Director of Home Base Program is on the air.  Each year the foundation holds a Walk/Run to Home Base to support the program. This includes a run through the city ending with the finish line as home plate at Fenway Park. The event is July 19th and you can hear all about it this morning.

All this, plus Weather and Traffic on the 8′s, Scott Gray’s Sports Commentary and much more.  Tune in to WTIC NewsTalk 1080 or Click Here to listen online.  And while you’re at it, catch up on Ray Dunaway’s new daily blog HERE.


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