(CBS Connecticut) –– In Tampa Tuesday afternoon,  it was a question of “to bee or not to bee” as the Boston Red Sox met the New York Yankees at Steinbrenner Field.   At first the announcers on the Red Sox Radio Network couldn’t understand why the crowd was buzzing.

There was a delay of game action for about ten minutes. . . because of a swarm of bees in the left field corner.

On the Red Sox Radio Network,  announcer Joe Castiglione had been puzzling over what  activity out of the sightline of the broadcast booth had caused the game to come to a standstill,  until the presence of the bees became clear.  Then,  in his words,  “that’s why Mike Carp moved. . .  and why the grounds crew isn’t moving”

Felix Doubrant was on the mound for the Red Sox in the bottom of the third inning when the bees made their appearance.  The bees delayed the game until the ground crew was able to respond with a hose and a can of insect repellent,

An estimated 10,000 fans were on hand for the game, with Felix Doubront on the mound for the Red Sox at the time,

On the first pitch after the delay, Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli connected for a triple —   with a hit to center field.  Carp made the play.


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