An agreement was reached in housing court today, in the conflict over a World War Two veteran’s smoking at the Newington Housing Authority development where he lives.

The authority will build a ramp, to allow Andy Nowicki to get farther away from the building to smoke.

Nowicki’s attorney, state senator Paul Doyle says volunteers organized by the state Department of Veterans Affairs will also build an overhead covering.

“He is relieved.  Mr Nowicki has never been in trouble with the law, and he perceived going to court as a negative event in his life, so he is very happy that he and his wife, both cases are done now and he does not have to go before a judge,” Doyle said. “This is the end of it.”

Previously, the 90-year-old Nowicki had a difficult time getting far enough away from the building while he smoked to satisfy the complex’s rules.

Nowicki had faced the possibility of being forced out of his home by the authority, because he was smoking too close to the building.


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