The contents of two New Haven Green time capsules were made public today.

The capsules were embedded in a marker that was upended, when a tree fell over during Hurricane Sandy.

State Archeologist Nick Bellantoni says the capsules included grape shot and a miniball from the Gettysburg battlefield.

They also contained newspapers, letters, and postcards.

“We have got a lot of curation to do on that paper, some of it is very fragile,” Bellantoni said. “But hopefully we will have some interesting insights into what the people of New Haven were thinking in 1909, when they commemorated Lincoln’s birth, and the end of the Civil War.”

When the tree fell over, its roots ripped up part of the ground underneath, exposing skeletal human remains of more than one person.

The remains are still being analyzed, but they are believed to date from the late 1700’s, when the New Haven Green was used as a graveyard.


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