An expert at Yale’s Peabody Museum today confirmed it was a meteorite that hit a house in Wolcott, on Williams Court. Minerology Collections Manager Stefan Nicolescu says neighbors might want to check their yards.

“It is very likely that there is a dispersal field,” Nicolscu said.  “These things usually don’t come down in one piece, they shatter, so they get dispersed over sometimes quite a significant area.”

The rock is a chondrite meteorite.  That is the most common types of meteorite.

Its surface is black from the heat generated when the rock came through the atmosphere.

The meteorite broke up into at least two pieces.  A 2-and-a-half inch piece was brought to the museum.

Wolcott Police  say the rock hit the house on Friday night, but the resident thought the crash was a broken joist or rafter.


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