Under current law, parents can face criminal charges, if they try to sneak their child into a school in a town other than the community where they live. A group of state lawmakers wants to change that.

They want to decriminalize the actions of parents and grandparents who are usually trying to get their children a better education.

“The last thing that I feel we want to do is to criminalize behavior motivated by the strong instinct to be protective of our children, and to want our children to do well,” said Hartford state Senator Eric Coleman.

Stratford grandmother Marie Menard was arrested, and accused of putting her grandchild in the wrong school district.

“I was fingerprinted, and had a mug shot and so on,” Menard said. “It was just really terrible.  It was a very bad experience.”

The lawmakers say when children are discovered in the wrong school district, administrators should handle the situation, not police.


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