Ellis Technical High School on Maple Street in Killingly was evacuated Friday morning after a written bomb threat was found on a bathroom stall.  The threat gave a specific time for the incident. .

State Police responded and searched the building.  Classes were canceled for the remainder of the day and students were sent home.  The State Police Bomb Squad responded but no device and no suspicious packages were found.  No one was hurt, and the incident remains under investigation.

  1. studentsareenough says:

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    Senior prank; maybe or maybe not! It’s great to see that administrators are not taking any potential chaotic event lightly. With the horrible school incidents that have occurred within the past 3 months, it is comforting to know that #StudentsareEnough as well as teachers, staff, and other employees to ensure school safety. I’m also grateful; that what could have been a terrible tragedy ended with only a note.

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