In a court hearing today, the town of Rocky Hill asked a judge to temporarily block any inmates or mental patients from moving into a vacant privately-owned nursing home in town.

The state wants to use the facility to house elderly or infirmed prisoners from the Correction Department, and patients from Connecticut Valley Hospital.

Rocky Hill Mayor Anthony LaRosa says local officials should have a say, before the facility goes into use.

“We want a temporary restraining order, because we view this as a prison, or an extension of a prison,” LaRosa said.

The state argues the facility is a nursing home.

If the now-vacant nursing home is considered to have continued under the same use, the town might have less authority to review the project, than if it is considered to have switched uses to a prison.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the judge has yet to rule on the request for the temporary restraining order. A full hearing is expected to be held on the issue later.

Town officials say the facility is located very close to homes, it could tie up police and ambulance crews, and it could lower property values in the neighborhood.


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