A Hartford Superior Court judge today allowed a state representative to use an accelerated rehabilitation program, to avoid trial on larceny charges.

Judge James Bentivegna said he took into consideration Hector Robles’ background, including his service as a legislator and a police officer.

At the same time he was a state representative, Robles worked on the Hartford Police Department.  He was accused of double-billing the same work hours to the department, and other private duty jobs.

But defense attorney Bart Halloran says there are flaws in the Hartford Police payroll system used to track hours worked.

“He needed to put this behind him,” Halloran said of his client.  “He has family responsibilities.  It is very time consuming and expensive [to go to trial], and it would have been a very lengthy trial.”

Robles agreed to pay the city $2,500 in restitution, and submit a letter of resignation to the police department. He also agreed to drop challenges to the police department’s decision to fire him.

The defense also claimed that some calls the state representative took from people about city matters, could have been considered part of his work responsibilities as a community resource officer.  If so, Halloran said each call could have been considered three hours of police work time, under union rules.

“Mr. Robles deeply regrets his inattention to detail, and his failure to account for his time on the police department,” Halloran said in court.

Robles lost a Democratic Primary for his state house seat.  His term expires this week.

Robles currently works in security at Ticket Network.


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