An investigation of last year’s death of a Waterbury man after he was shocked with an electrical stun weapon while in police custody concludes that the officer used his Taser® properly and that man’s death cannot be attributed to the use of the Taser®.

After he was picked up for causing a disturbance at Saint Mary’s Hospital, 26-year-old Marcus Brown was placed the back seat of the patrol car, where police say he began kicking at the car’s door and window and ignored warnings to stop, so Officer Adrian Sanchez used his Taser®.

The weapon’s records confirm that it was discharged once, for five seconds.   The report says Brown did not appear to be having any problems immediately afterwards.  But when police returned to the car for their report,  they found him unresponsive.

Sanchez and his partner carried Brown  into the emergency room, where hospital personnel could not revive him.  An autopsy could not determine the cause and manner of Brown’s death,  but the report finds it cannot be attributed either to the Taser®,  or the way it was used.


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