Five state employees resigned,  another ten retired and 27 have been dismissed as a result of the ongoing investIgation of possible fraud in applications by state workers for federal assistance after Tropical Storm Irene.

The governor’s office says all 42 identified so far also could face criminal charges.  In all,  1,053 state employees applied for the “Federal Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program,”  or “D-SNAP” benefits.

Applications from 128 workers have been forwarded to their agency heads for administrative review,  and 685 employees have been clEared of any wrongdoing.

Of approximately 23,000 applicants for the disaster aid,  1,053 were submitted by state workers.

Comments (5)
  1. Herman says:

    How come Danny’s cousin didnt get fired?

    1. nisha says:

      who is his cousin? do tell!

  2. Libdumb says:

    An inside job simply stated as Nepotism including friends, family and Political cronies.

  3. Mad MaxtaxstateCT says:

    Hey, Mumblloy! do the right thing by not replacing these workers. Too many state employees as it is.

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