Instead of refund checks,  this year Connecticut state income taxpayers who decide against having the refund deposited directly into their bank accounts will receive debit cards, instead.

Last year the state issued nearly a million refunds — about  45 per cent of them by check.

Sarah Kaufman with the Department of Revenue services says the debit cards will be more secure than checks. “It’s not like somebody could just come through your neighborhood and take the card out of your mailbox and begin using it.  There actually are enhanced security features enabled with this that are more likely to prevent someone from being able to steal your refund.  Someone can’t just forge your signature on a check.”

“They have to activate the card once they receive it.  They can do that either online or over the phone.  And there will be a number of questions pertinent to the particular individual that they’ll be asked in order for the card to be activated.”

She says the state expects to money with the debit cards,  though there’s no exact figure on how much.  Several other states already are using debit cards for tax refunds.

Comments (12)
  1. Christie Restore America says:

    Why? So they can collect interest on the unused portions?

  2. Richard Head says:

    Danny-boy malloy, take your debit cards and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine.

    I want a check!

  3. Stever says:

    Give the people their OVERPAID money the way they are used to.. This new system is just a way to capitalize on those not used to change.. I can see my Dad tucking this debit card away since he’s never used credit cards.. ALSO what about those due to recieve a $1200 tax credit? Is this a way for the state to bank that money rather than distribute it hoping it will never be spent..

  4. t heffron says:

    You got me that it will save any money. How can a decision like this be made and not have an accurate projected savings. Here again the state will find away of ripping off the public

    1. tinkerbell says:

      Who gives the state the right to tell me how I can receive MY money? Also has anyone given any thought to the impact that these cards have on the economy? The printing industry is suffering, which includes ink and paper suppliers. The result has been lay offs or employee hours cut. Retailers who have to pay a fee each time a person swipes that debit card, and who is the state to tell me how I have to receive MY money? I don’t need another card in my wallet. Just give me my check!! How about letting the people decide how they should receive their money. I haven’t met anyone yet who likes these cards.

  5. Libdumb says:

    So what happens if you exceed the value of the debit card? Can private citizens now create debt for the politicians? Can you use the debit card anywhere like to buy illegal things?

    1. LJS says:

      Unfortunately we can only cover the rubber checks they write.

  6. Webster Roofer says:

    Although the process seems uncomplicated and simple, it leaves many stumbling blocks in the way of the elderly in securing the return of the money. I can forsee many confused senior citizens neglecting to understand the process to follow when securing the return of their well deserved money. Using the debit card as a piece meal way of obtaining money will only result in much money never reaching the intended tax payer through their innocent errors.
    I sincerely believe that this is just another way for our State to suck the money from the citizens of Connecticut.

  7. toddster says:

    If we have to pay income taxs we should send it in as a debit card and the state of CT will have to call us in order to activate it.

  8. James says:

    Secure?!? Are you kidding me. Anybody remember the rebates for installing new heating equipment in your homes? The employee entering the data in State computers was selling our social security numbers. Just give me my money!

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